Failed Resolutions

My CrossFit gym is starting an endurance/running group next Wednesday, which means I have less than a week to master running if I want to join. So far my efforts aren’t going well, and it’s making for an upset Carolyn. The flexibility is just not all the way there in my left ankle, so I’m still rocking the peg leg run.That, and I’m sure my endurance for running has completely diminished. I’m disappointed to admit it, but I probably won’t make it in the endurance/running class. At least not until later in the year.

My physical therapist says that even the smallest tears in ligaments take a minimum of 4 months to heal. A minimum of 4 months. I’m only 2.5 months in, so 4 months seems like an eternity. Heck, this past 2.5 months has seemed like an eternity.

In other news, I haven’t done a New Year’s resolution recap in a while, but breaking my leg has messed up a lot of my goals. I no longer have that “emergency fund” savings, so I’ll have to start that all over again. Even though I was off track on my running goal, I’ve completely given up on even trying to salvage it with training for longer races later in the year. I’ve really only eaten out a few times since breaking my leg, because I just don’t have the money for it.

The only resolution that I’ve almost truly mastered is not buying any new clothes in 2013. I did buy a swim suit, but I’m not counting that as clothing because I wouldn’t wear that anywhere other than the beach and the pool. Also, it’s no fun to go to the beach (with a broken leg) in your Speedo 1-piece that you used for swimming laps all this time.

  • Run 10 miles a week — FAILED
  • Write a novel — FAILED
  • Read a new book every month —  FAILED (but I’ve managed to start and restart a million books, it seems)
  • Save $2000+ — ACHIEVED and then FAILED (thanks, Dr. bills!)
  • Stop biting my nails — FAILED
  • Get a tattoo — FAILED (also, costs $$$)
  • Buy no new clothes in 2013 — Pseudo-ACHIEVED
  • Eat out only once a month — FAILED

It looks like I need to start working on and planning my resolutions for next year!


2 thoughts on “Failed Resolutions

  1. I wrote a giant comment, and then it wouldn’t post, so now you get the short version: Stop it! You’re doing great! There is still 5 months of the year left to go, and I am sure you can wow us and yourself with what you can accomplish in 5 months. Aaand November is National Novel Writing Month (, so you should probably check that out. You still got this!

    1. You’re right. I’m fine! Sometimes it just feels good to mope. Leaving my pity party now and getting my stuff together.

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