The Friday Jumble

Sorry for being the queen of mopes yesterday, and thanks to those who reached out to me in email and on Facebook. I know that healing takes time and patience, and while I have plenty of the former, the latter is what escapes me at the moment.

Sean and I did our nightly after-dinner walk around the neighborhood and jaunt around the tennis courts. Running seemed a little more fluid this time, but still a little wooden. I’m making steps (ha ha, pun intended) toward getting the groove of it back. Either today or tomorrow I’m going to head to Dick’s Sporting Good or Sports Authority and look for an ankle brace so I can ditch the boot at CrossFit and maybe even start getting my 2-legged workout on.

I love Alison Brie.

That being said, I’ve signed up for a CrossFit competition! It’s just a baby one, and I signed up in the beginner category since I’m still working on being completely 2-legged. My coach and I always joke that I’m sort of using my broken leg, so I’m really only 1 and 1/2-legged. I asked my physical therapist about braces, and he seemed gung-ho for it, so I’m going to take that as permission to work out without the boot. It was implied.

In other news, it’s Friday, biotches! I took today off from working out because, well, I just decided to. I was up before my alarm at 4:30, but decided to just turn it off. I wasn’t super tired or anything. In fact, I’m pretty sure I didn’t go back to sleep after that. I just figured Sean would appreciate sleeping in a little and the help making breakfast instead of making it for me and eating alone while he waits for me. Such a good guy.

I’m planning on going to the gym tomorrow and then heading to visit my mom where she’s staying with our friends Deb & Lee. They have a pool with a diving board, so I really hope that the rain holds off! (Now that I’ve said that, I’ve jinxed myself.)

I just wanted to mention that I really like my job/what I get to do and my coworkers and my bosses and all that jazz. I’m pretty sure this is the first place where I’ve not wanted to jump ship 7ish months in. Hoorah! My cats also appreciate my paycheck as they require a crap-ton of expensive prescription food. Those greedy bastards. (Seriously, though, I spent over $100 on cat food last weekend. That’s better than $100 on vet bills, I suppose.)

Ok, one last thing. I’m headed to a wedding in St. Augustine (yay Jenna!) in August. Any recommendations on what to wear? I’m maybe seriously considering getting an athletic dress so that no one will notice how much I’m sweating (aside from the smell…) Also, I need it to be inexpensive since I’m the queen of medical bills right now. Please help me! I lack a style gene.

I love this gif. I’ll use it shamelessly every chance I get.

Merry Friday and a Happy Week-End!

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