The Serial Browser (Not Cereal)

Man, I really can’t wait for the Labor Day holiday. If there’s one thing in life that would be almost impossible for me to give up, it’s my weekend. I got an ankle brace on Friday afternoon (after sitting in an ungodly amount of surprise traffic). So, I was excited to workout without my boot Saturday morning. I did a little warm up running at the gym, and it felt so much better than it has in the last few days. It felt more natural. So, of course, I yelled, “I’m running!” People who didn’t know me were probably like, “WTF, Mate?”

But I didn’t gauge my weight correctly for the workout and went pretty heavy for what I’m used to (and for just starting off with 2 legs). I had an awesome partner, though. He did the majority of the work without complaining, and I was even  still pretty sore the next day. But at least I did it with two legs!

Afterward, Sean and I ate a quick lunch and then drove to the other side of the earth AKA Lawrenceville to hang out with my mom and our friends Deb and Lee. My mom cut my hair, and we all sat by the pool and talked. Deb is such a great hostess. She made us snacks and then dinner. People come to my house and are like, “It’s been 24 hours. Is there any food here?” I’m bad at having guests.

Afterward, Sean and I stopped to get some ice cream at Sonic. Did you know they have a Snickers Blast? Of course, we didn’t get one, but we’ll have to invest in that next weekend. Yumz.

Sunday was more laid back. We took a walk, had breakfast, and cleaned the house. Hoorah. Clean house! I went to WalMart & Target to look for and price a few things, but I never buy anything. I have a terrible habit of going to place, walking around, picking things up, even trying them on, but never buying anything. I’m trying to be extra cautious of money since I broke my leg. I think it’s getting out of hand, though. I found a great dress for my friend’s wedding at Target for just $12, and I still passed because I was afraid to spend money.

It was a pretty lazy day which included a nap (another reason I could never have kids). I made a summer veggie soup, more familiarly known as “throw a whole bunch of veggies in broth before they go bad.” It looks like baby food and tastes like broccoli cheddar. At least I’ll have lunches throughout the week.

Oliver Twist kitteh is still hungry.

Sean also got us a “new” free trial of Netflix Sunday night, so we watched the documentary The One Percent, which is basically about how rich conservative people hate poor people and how poor people think their only chance to make it in life is to become a rapper or a football star. Not the best documentary I’ve ever watched, but it was interesting. It was actually created by one of the heirs to the Johnson & Johnson fortune. I’m sure he’ll regret it when he’s an old, whitey, conservative.

I wish the weekend had just 1 more day. Just ooooooone more.

Are you a serial browser & non-buyer? I can’t be the only one.



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