My Favorite Kind of Weekend

This weekend was awwweeesome. We had the smart idea of getting groceries on Friday night instead of waiting until after my competition on Saturday. We stopped at Trader Joe’s and Publix (they’re right by each other, so we’re not as crazy as we used to be). And then magically, Sean decided to stop and get a milkshake. Heaven. Cookies and cream. Ice cream is my weakness.

Before we left to go grocery shopping, I had some Trader Joe’s frozen Pad See Ew. It was fine, but lacked vegetables. I picked them all out, and munched on a few rice noodles. I only recommend that if you really like rice noodles.

I went to bed early, and woke up early–nervous for my CrossFit competition. Usually before races, I do the peanut butter toast thing, but I decided to just eat my normal breakfast Saturday morning. Runners will understand the weird compulsion behind breakfast. But I had eggs and toast with butter and jam. I got to the gym around 8:30, did a little warm up, and waited for my turn.


There were quite a few divisions–Rx men & women, Masters men, Scaled women, and beginners men & women. We competed in that order, so my division was always the last to go. This gave me enough time to get nervous right before it happened. It was helpful, though, in that my judges were other competitors, and they often gave me tips during the workouts to help me do well.

The first component was 5 rounds of 5 deadlifts, 10 burpees. You had to jump over the bar in between burpees, and there was a 6 minute time cap. A few people in heavier divisions weren’t finishing within the time cap, so I was feeling a little apprehensive about my ability to do so. I was lifting a lot less than they were, so there was a little chance.

My judge was awesome, though, and coached me through. He told me not to start out too fast, to make sure to breathe between sets, to breathe at certain parts where breathing would be more beneficial, etc. I didn’t watch the clock on this one–just went through the motions. I didn’t even count my reps, but I was so thankful my judge did. I ended up finishing in 5:44. Just under the 6 minutes.

Deadlift Burpee

The next workout was a lot tougher because of the weight. We had 2 rounds of 20 wallballs, 20 snatches (@ 45#). The wallballs were fine. I could have done those all day. The snatches felt a lot heavier than I thought. In fact, I missed my first attempt because I just wasn’t ready for how heavy it was going to feel. Again, I had another helpful coach/judge who motivated me through. Every time I’d put the bar down he’d say something like, “Alright, you’re going to pick the bar back up in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.” Or, “You can do a set of 3 more.” Very helpful! I finished that one in almost 8 minutes (7:55, I think). That one was the toughest of all.

Wallball snatch

The final event was a “pseudo-chipper:” 15 cleans (45#), 15 sit ups, 15 step ups, 15 jumping pull ups, 30 single unders, 15 kb swings, 15 burpees, and then 15 lunges. My body was tired and my leg/ankle was starting to act up, but I knew I could power through this one once I made it past the cleans. Bodyweight is my thang.

I started slow on the cleans, and I think I put the bar down once. I powered through everything else (including one-legged single unders because I wasn’t sure my leg could handle more jumping, and I hadn’t jump roped with 2 legs since I broke my leg) until the burpees, which were a little slower than the rest of the movements.

Single Unders

1-Legged Single Unders

I finished that one in around 5:30, and was d-o-n-e, done. My leg was hurting. My body was tired. I was hungry. I stayed around for some photos, and then Sean was the best person who ever existed and made me lunch while I sat on the couch icing my leg like I was preparing it for a deep cryofreeze in space. Then I slept for about 3.5 hours–just like after I play soccer all day or race a long distance. Normalcy!

Instead of spending all of Sunday being lazy, we finally broke out the kayaks. We haven’t been since last year because it was too cold in April and I broke my leg in May. Boo hiss. It was sooooo amazing being out on the river again. We went first thing Sunday morning, and the river was still foggy and the crepuscular rays were everywhere. It was glorious. The river was quiet, but full of life–turtles, heron, geese, ducks. It was beautiful. I hit a pretty big rapid in the first 20 minutes and was soaked the rest of the way, but the water wasn’t cold enough to make it miserable. Plus it was warm and the sun was out.

Chattahoochee River NRA

All in all, it was a great weekend. I hope we get to go kayaking again next weekend. Fingers crossed that the nice weather sticks around.

How was your weekend? Any races or competitions?


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