X-Ray Day

I have an appointment to get more x-rays this morning. Things with the leg have been going well, though I do have minor pain when I try to run for long periods or when I am doing things with two legs more than I have in the past. I’ve still got to build up the muscles around my bone and ankle to get back to normal.

Stephen Colbert Dancing GIF

For me, this is normal.

I hope the x-ray tells me good things because soccer season starts the first week in September, and I already missed summer season. Fall and winter are my fave times to play. Also spring and summer. Mostly I just love playing soccer (minus the guy who curb-stomped me–you poo).

In other news, I’ve stopped worrying so much about medical bills. I was on high alert for a long time waiting for a flood of bills to come in, and so far I’ve only gotten one. A lot of people with experience gave me some great advice regarding medical bills, and the overall consensus is to wait until you have the bill in hand. For some providers, it can take a long time to get through medical billing, so I need to stop fretting over something that may come in a few months.

That doesn’t mean I need to go blow all my money, but it means I can start working on building my emergency fund back up. I’m really glad it was there when I needed it! Not having to pay $105 a week for physical therapy will definitely help. Imagine seeing just 5 patients a day–that’s automatically $500+ a day. I should have been a PT…

Running club is tonight, and I’m afraid more people will start coming. Last week it was just me and the coach, so I got a free “intro to running after breaking your leg” class where we did things at my pace. This week, more people means I’ll be the slowest one in the bunch. I must accept my limitations and move forward, though. Sayonara, ego and pride.

I can’t believe it’s Wednesday already! Ever had to keep your ego & pride in check? It’s actually really hard for me. Keep it together, man!


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