Weekend Update

I say it every Monday, but I love the weekend. This weekend was especially great since the weather was almost fall-like. We had absolutely nothing in the fridge for breakfast on Saturday morning, so we went to (gasp) Burger King at 6am. I am used to getting up pretty early, so I am hungry first thing on the weekend. I got an egg and cheese English muffin sandwich, and it was delicious. It inspired me to get the ingredients later when we went grocery shopping.

After watching Farmageddon, we’re trying to be better about supporting small, local farmers, so we made our way to the Farmers’ Market in downtown Woodstock Saturday morning. It was small, but had everything we needed–lettuce, tomatoes, jalapenos, potatoes, bread, corn, and all that jazz.

We spent Saturday relaxing since it was cool and rainy. I cooked with the windows open and Vince Guaraldi on. I made soup, salsa, and chocolate chip cookies. Yum to the max.

We also discovered “Breaking Bad” on Netflix. we’re officially addicted as of now. We finished season 1 in a few days. The “science” behind the show is cool, and I like how they incorporate it into the plot. I’ve heard “Orange is the New Black” is another great Netflix watch, but I don’t know if I have time for more than one show commitment right now. Who am I? An old lady who doesn’t watch TV.

Sunday started with a cool, rainy run! Hoorah! I upped my mileage by a whole mile. I also walked around Ikea for a lamp (which we didn’t decide on and left without buying anything), and we hiked a 2.25 mile trail in the afternoon. Before the hike we took a glorious nap, which I needed after pooping out at Ikea. It’s hard to make a decision when you’re exhausted. Also, I’m chronic money-spending-phobe.

Though my ankle and leg have been healing and doing well, the back of my knee is starting to bother me. It started while we were on that short hike. The trail was nice, though, with tons of trees and a gravel path. It had some good inclines, so I’m sure we’ll try running it once I can get my legs figured out.

Sunday’s dinner was a black bean & cheese quesadilla with farmers’ market corn and green beans–a pretty tasty dinner. Over dinner we talked about the new movie Jobs about Apple icon Steve Jobs. I’ve read Insanely Simple about Apple marketing, and it seems like he was an eccentric character. He lived Apple. I think those people that “drink the Kool-Aid” of their companies and products have the potential to be successful, but I don’t know that I want to be that type of person. I enjoy the work/life balance and being able to focus on my hobbies and family when I leave work.

Also, this guy as Steve Jobs? We’ll see, I guess.

What about you guys? Do you drink the Kool-Aid of your company? Have you achieved a work-life balance you like? How?

2 thoughts on “Weekend Update

    1. I get cranky when I’m hungry, so we had to go where the food was at 6am! šŸ˜€ I have no qualms because it was magically delicious.

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