Autumn Addiction

I’m having a seriously deep and intense craving for fall. I’ve got that yearning pit in my chest like autumn broke up with me a few months ago, and I’m mostly over it but every so often get whiff of fall scents or reminders of the relationship, and I neeeeeeed it back in my life.

I’m pretty sure this is what addiction feels like.

Thanksgiving 2011

This past weekend’s flirt with cooler weather is really what did me in. I dreamed of jean-ies and sweaters and wearing all my favorite long-sleeved shirts and old lady cardigans. It doesn’t help that I’m already listening to Bill Mize & Vince Guaraldi, my go-to fall and winter music. These are my two favorite seasons.

Say what you want about spring and summer, but fall is the real season of “new beginnings.” That’s when school starts, and we get a breath of non-stagnant, non-humidity-laden air. It’s when running and soccer and bon fires and outdoor activities feel like they should. They just feel good and right.

Saturday Soccer

There’s no point to this post other than to complain and tell you how much I wish it were fall.

What’s your favorite season? What do you like to do when your “season” rolls around?


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