Traffic and CatMergencies

Ever since school has started in our county, it seems like traffic near my house and work is getting INSANE. Our neighborhood is essentially a circle with one exit/entrance (poor planning, maybe). Every morning when I leave for work, traffic is backed up WAY past the entrance/exit to our neighborhood thanks to a traffic light a half a mile down the road. This means I have to rely on the kindness of strangers to let me out, which is often nonexistent at 7am.

This case continues as I get closer to work where traffic starts piling up again. In this case it’s because everyone is turning left and blocking the main lane of traffic. It’s not their faults, I know. The flow of traffic should determine the road, and in this case, the road is poorly designed. That doesn’t mean it’s not infuriating to sit there while people block intersections or refuse to let you out. We’re all trying to get somewhere, people. A few cars ahead or behind doesn’t make that much of a difference.

The point of this rant is to say–be nice in traffic. Almost everyone is frustrated with the situation, so there’s not a lot of good in being a jerk about it.

In other news, I missed my running club again last night. This time it wasn’t because I got lost, but because Pudge attempted to eat a wasp. We think we was stung on the lip because of the way he was rubbing and licking it and shaking his head. When I searched the internet for what to do, I had a major freak out.

It said things like remove the stinger immediately–but don’t push it in more or you’ll make it worse! Monitor the cat for up to 24 hours for signs of allergic reaction. Signs include a whole list of weirdness like blue tongues and weird gums. The thing about Pudge is he’ll eat anything (Christmas ornaments, whole cockroaches, oatmeal, lentils, whatever you accidentally drop on the floor), and he doesn’t act like he’s in pain when he is. This is the cat that was peeing blood with a bladder stone and acted like life was fine for weeks.

Pudge Cat

I’m happy to report as of 4am Thursday morning, Pudge is ok. He’s back to his mischievous ways trying to sneak as early a breakfast as he can and attempting to trip me as I go down the stairs by weaving in and out of my feet.

How do you react in traffic? And have you ever had a pet crisis?


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