Try a Little Tenderness

I woke up to the news that a family member of a friend who had struggled with cancer had passed away last night. The young woman was 24. Younger than I am. It’s gloomy and rainy here, and though I only met this woman once very briefly, her passing is hanging over my heart–a reflection of the weather.

I followed her journey with leukemia through Facebook–posts from my friend, her husband, and through a Facebook page to bring awareness about her and her disease. She fought hard and beat the leukemia once, but it came back and she was fighting again when she passed last night.

24 years old.

Now, I spend this rainy morning reading the outpouring of human kindness and love written to the members of her family as I listen to the rain pat softly on the windows. I know this makes me slightly shallow, or maybe it’s just my way of connecting and interpreting, but the words that came from people’s hearts were so striking.

I found myself getting emotional reading the condolences people wrote. The kindness and love is breathtaking.

I wish love like this existed all the time, not just when we lose precious people.


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