Labor Day Weekend List

Naps taken: 2

Kayaks on the river: 0 (Thanks, high water and rain!)

Workouts: 2 (Run on Saturday & CrossFit on Monday–I’m in the grey shirt with the bar.)

DIY projects: 1 (I painted some of my glass jars to look like mercury jars–outcome so far is so-so.)

Movies watched: 1 (It was a documentary we watched on Friday, Park Avenue: Money, Power and The American Dream.)

Porches decorated for fall: 1 (Hooray! I feel like a real homeowner now, or like an RA again–door decs, anyone?)


Failed recipes: 1 (We tried eggplant Parmesan with a great recipe from one of our friends. It was actually pretty good, but we both decided we don’t really like eggplant that much.)

Days before next weekend: 4 (Can I make it? I hope so. I’m already ready for the next one. Next Saturday is the start of soccer season.)

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