The Weekend of Movies

This weekend was not as full of sleep as my usual weekends are. Sean’s friend from high school came down from Tennessee to visit, so I spent a lot of time hanging out with the cats watching movies on Netflix. I watched a few episodes of “Orange is the New Black,” one episode of “Portlandia,” and the movies “What to Expect When You’re Expecting,” “Katy Perry: Part of Me,” and “The Switch.”

I wasn’t as impressed with “Orange is the New Black” as everyone else is. I don’t care for the main character, Piper, and I find her especially annoying and unrelatable during the time-consuming flashback scenes. I understand that the concept of the show hinges on these flashbacks as exposition, but I would rather watch her in prison than whine about a juice cleanse when she was free and didn’t care.

“Portlandia” was equally as meh. I get the scenes making fun of those crazy 90s hippies that still live there, but it just felt like it was laboring on. I don’t know. Maybe it was my mood on Friday night. I stayed up WAY later than I normally do, and being tired notoriously makes me a bitch.

“What to Expect When You’re Expecting” was… what you’d expect. Chock-full-o romantic comedy stars, it was a recipe for chick flick success. I liked it just fine. You watch a bunch of women’s journeys with conception (trying to conceive, can’t conceive, accidental conception, etc.), pregnancy (it’s wonderful, it’s horrible, some can’t have it, someone has a miscarriage), and birth (natural, no drugs, premium suite, gimmie the drugs now, emergency c-section, adoption). You get the picture. I may have cried a little at certain parts. Tell no one.

I watched “Katy Perry: Part of Me” when I woke up after only 4 hours of sleep to cats scratching at our guests door. I knew the guys had stayed up later than I did, so I figured I’d get up to control the cats and let them sleep in. I watched this in a half-awake… ok, mostly unconscious state. But the main takeaway for me is that Katy Perry is a pretty “real” celebrity. She wasn’t just a breakout star, she actually worked toward stardom since she was like 13. I felt bad for her touring with her concert stuff while her marriage was falling apart (but then again, she chose the schedule…).

I started “The Switch” with Jennifer Aniston and Jason Bateman on Saturday night and finished it Sunday morning. Main premise: two best friends, the woman decides she wants to have a kid via sperm donor, the man accidentally messes up the sample and replaces it with his own, she has a kid–his son–and it’s weird just like him. You can probably guess what happens from here. Jennifer Aniston is a good at picking romantic comedies.

I know, I spent the majority of the weekend in front of the screen. Soccer was postponed because of scheduling issues, so we hiked up Kennesaw Mountain on Saturday and Sean and I went for a walk on Sunday. I wasn’t completely lazy.

What’s your favorite romantic comedy?

Mine is “When Harry Met Sally” because Billy Chrystal was hilarious. “Waiter, there is too much pepper on my paprikash!”


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