Swimming, Yoga, Tennis, Running

Not much new stuff has been happening on my end of the earth recently. I feel like I need a weekend to recover from the sleep I missed out on this past weekend. We’re almost there. I’ve just got to hold out for 2 more days.

I finally went swimming for the first time since my triathlons last year. I got a membership at LA Fitness next to my work (and there’s one just down the road from my house!), so I can go swim or run (on a treadmill when it rains) on my lunch breaks. They also have a yoga class on Fridays, so I can go back again for the first time after breaking my leg.

My 6pm Friday yoga class at the YMCA was what I looked forward to all week until they canceled it because no instructor wanted to teach every Friday night. I guess I can understand. If students are willing to come, you’d think they could find someone who’d be willing to earn some money teaching that night. Oh well.

Along with CrossFit, I also went on a short jog with Sarah, my friend from work. It’s nice to get up and sweat in the middle of the day, and come back to work with a new perspective (and a new scent/odor depending on who you talk to!). Sarah played tennis in college, so she’s going to give me some tips today on being a better tennis player.

Sean and I bought tennis stuff when we moved to Atlanta a few years ago because our apartment had tennis courts and free lessons. We did a practice session, and we were both so embarrassingly bad, we gave up immediately. We go out and muck around maybe once a year, but we try to “soccer” it up too much to be good.

I noticed that Sean tries to put his whole body in front of the ball (like you would to trap a soccer ball), instead of using the racquet as an extension of his body. Hopefully, I can bring my tips from Sarah home to show Sean how we can improve our tennis games.

I’m also trying to convince Sean that we need to sign up for this “Tryptophan Half Marathon!” that happens on Thanksgiving. I’m assuming it’s smaller than the Atlanta Track Club’s Thanksgiving Half Marathon, so it would be a good half to ease myself back in to distance running. Sean, of course, isn’t willing to shill out the $65 entry fee (tight wad), so we’ll see if that happens.

How is your week going so far? What sport do you totally suck at? Don’t lie and say you’re awesome at everything!


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