I Need Another Few Days…

Alright, I didn’t exactly get everything on my weekend to-do list done, but I feel like we were “go-go-go” all weekend. We did the boring stuff on Friday night–grocery shopping and cleaning.

Saturday we got up early (or, actually, when we usually get up) to have breakfast and head to my soccer game. We tied 2-2, and it was a little awkward. I definitely wasn’t my normal, aggressive self. I’m going to give myself that game to get back into the groove, but I need to stop being afraid to challenge people.

After that, we headed straight to Ikea to get Sean a desk for his office room. We went through the store and figured out all the parts we needed, then went to the self-serve area and loaded them up. We waited what seemed like forever in check out. And then got out to the parking deck to realize the desk wouldn’t fit in the back of my car.

We finagled it in and tied the door closed with kayak straps. We only had to stop once on the side of the highway on the way home to add more straps to the contraption. The rest of the afternoon was spent eating and assembling the desk–only to find out we’d gotten one wrong part. Nooooo!

Instead of waiting it out, we headed back to Ikea, got the right part, and headed back home. We eventually got the desk together. Victory.

Sunday involved an early trip to Home Depot, except they weren’t open. So we came back home, went for a walk around h neighborhood, and headed back. Sean got a blind and a ceiling fan for his office, and I got the stuff to make a giant chalkboard for the kitchen.

While I painted my chalkboard, Sean washed his car, and then we headed to Kennesaw to take my car for an oil change. Except it wouldn’t shift out of park in the garage. Sean finally got it out of the garage, and we dropped my car off at Subaru and went to Kennesaw Mountain for a nice quick hike. By the time we finished, my car was magically fixed (yay!), and we headed home to watch the Falcons game and eat homemade pizza.

After the game, we tried to put up the blind, but realized it wasn’t the same as the rest of the house and also didn’t fit the window. One down, one to go. Before we bought the ceiling fan for the office, Sean check to make sure the ceiling hole was over a stud. It seemed like it was, but when we went to install the fan, we realized it wasn’t.

So we have to go back to Home Depot tonight (3 times in 2 days!) to get an extender kit thingy. Hoorah!

After that, I had ice cream for dinner and went to bed. Oh, I also made this soup. I tasted it a bit, but it’s first real test will be at lunchtime today.

Happy Monday! What did you do this weekend?

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