“Beyond Belief” Scientology Book Review

Did I ever tell you guys this story? It’s a good one. I was talking to my boss about reading this book and said, “Oh, I’m reading a book about Scientology.” And he replied, “Yeah, I recommend you steer away from that.” As if I were reading a book about joining Scientology. After reading this book by the niece of the head honcho, I won’t be joining the cult any time soon.

The book, “Beyond Belief: My Secret Life Inside Scientology and My Harrowing Escape,” details her life while in Scientology–from birth for about 20 years. The details of her early life seems weird to non-church people. She barely saw her parents. She performed hard manual labor (digging ditches, building fences, etc.) at age 7 and even earlier.

Their schooling is ridiculous (and brain-washy), where they recite L. Ron Hubbard sayings over and over. Also when she was 7, she was asked to signed a one-billion year contract with the “Sea Org,” a division of crazy-face Scientologists.

Among the other crazy crap they do:

  • Families were torn apart and couldn’t see each other, especially if someone if your family was deemed a “suppressive person,” then they could forbid you from seeing them.
  • As early as 13, she was required to detail her sexual history. You have to reveal everything in these “security check” and “auditing” sessions as well as “life history” forms. So that if you ever did them wrong later in life, they could seriously screw you over.

“In addition to supplying her Social Security number, all her ID numbers, credit-card number, information about her bank account, and nonexistent criminal record, she was required to fill out a questionnaire asking who all of her relatives were and how they felt about Scientology. She was also told to ‘detail every single sexual experience, including masturbating, that I ever had.’ The questionnaire asked for hospital records, too.” (source)

  • Scientology officials did almost everything to sabotage her engagement and marriage. Once the author decided to leave, her husband was given an ultimatum: either convince Miscavige Hill to stay or she leaves without you. If he didn’t get one of these 2 options to happen, he wouldn’t be allowed to see his family again. He convinced her to stay, and then the church said that she actually wasn’t welcome back.

These are just a few of the weird things they make people do. It’s harder for those raised in the church to see any other way since they’re brainwashed from the very beginning. The book was a little slow at first, but I recommend it to anyone interested in reading about the weirdness and evil that happens in Scientology.


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