Cookies, Soccer, and Movies

Why do weekends have to end? I didn’t sleep as much as I usually do on the weekends, but I’m hoping that will mean I sleep better Sunday night. (Yes, I’m writing this before it’s published.) Friday was the regular routine–grocery shopping and the like. Except we went out for dinner to my favorite Thai food place. I’ve said it a million times, but Thai places really know how to do tofu. We headed to get groceries after that, but a nearby high school was having a football game, so we ended up sitting in a lot of traffic.

Saturday, I got up early (4:30!) so I started laundry and started cleaning the house. That’s one benefit of not being able to sleep–you really get a lot done first thing in the morning. I had a soccer game afterward at 10am. I had an opportunity to play two more games, but I turned it down because of my leg. Sad face. I did get kicked really hard in the ankle, and everything was fine. That may sound weird, but it made me feel better about being more aggressive since I know my ankle can take it now.

I came home, had lunch, took a shower, and tried to take a nap. It didn’t go very well, so I got up and started working on getting my giant chalkboard hung in the kitchen. After some trial and error, Sean helped me get it on the wall after I threw a mini tantrum. Because I’m an adult and my nap didn’t work out. I also baked these amazing cookies.

We watched When Harry Met Sally Saturday night. It’s only of the only romantic comedies that Sean can stand, and it’s one of my favorites. Billy Crystal really makes that movie. I’m sad that he’s old now. I wish he could have stayed young and skinny and fro-y and Harry-esque like in that movie. He’s one of my favorite characters in Howl’s Moving Castle too.

Sunday was pretty relaxed. We hung out at the house, visited Home Depot, went for a walk on a nearby trail, ate junk food, the weekend usual. I hope yours was just as relaxing/awesome. I’m going to go eat some more tortilla chips before bed.

Happy Monday!

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