Weekend Updatez

[Note: I just realized that my new fall header (somehow?) messed up my auto-publish from this last night. Why does WordPress hate me? I’ll try to figure it out tonight.]

There goes another quick weekend, gone in the blink of an eye. I stayed at work a little later on Friday night so I could leave and head straight to Buckhead and have dinner with some “old friends.” (We’re not that old.) I really didn’t want to go at first, not because I didn’t want to see them, but because I’m an old lady and have a hard time wanting to go out.

But (as usual), I’m so glad I did, because it’s always great fun to talk to friends, catch up, and see how they’re doing. I don’t know why I always talk myself out of fun things, when I know I always end up having a good time when I do go. Hermit syndrome.


I got home in time Friday for ice cream and getting ready for bed. The amazing Sean had already gotten groceries and cleaned the house, so that we’d have nothing to worry about for the rest of the weekend.

Saturday we woke up nice and early to eat breakfast, and then I headed to soccer. Our team did well–winning 4-0–but I can’t seem to get out of the post-injury slump. I’m just not good anymore. I mean, I never thought I was amazing, but it feels like I can’t even do basic things like trap and pass correctly. It’s more than frustrating, which makes it worse as the game goes on and I get more and more mad at myself.

Anyway, after soccer, Sean and I decided to get our paint on and change the color of the office/middle bedroom. I chose a medium grey-brown, and I am quite pleased with the result. Every time we pass the room, we comment on how much better that room looks as compared to the rest of the rooms. Our next weekend will be consumed with more painting, I’m sure.


This weekend was my mom’s birthday, so we made the trek out to Buford to meet with her and our friends Deb & Lee. We got her a small pot of flowers and a card. She had to work later, but it was still nice to see her to say happy birthday.

We spent a lot of Sunday being lazy and enjoying the beautiful weather. We went for a walk around our neighborhood and it just smelled and felt like fall. It feels like there was no easy transition into the cooler weather like in previous years. It’s just here. Now that I’ve said that, though, I’m sure we’ll have a heatwave drift on through with 80*+ temps. Boo to that.

I’m hoping to decorate with Halloweenie things tonight since it’s the last night in September! Hoorah to fall!

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