A Complaining Post

I’ve been MIA because a lot has been happening, and when I get home from work, all I really want to do is eat dinner and read the news/watch Jeopardy until it’s time for bed. I’m an old person. I’m also realizing that I don’t need to write here every day, especially if I have nothing of interest to say.

If a blogger writes words in the woods (sans wifi) and no one can read it, does that day even exist?

No 1 Curr

Anyway, it’s been a week of high blood pressure moments for me.

Firstly, someone stole my debit card info and cleaned out my accounts. At first it was just $300 from a gas station, that I thought was a charge from a long time ago that was being “held.” Nope. Someone in Pennsylvania went on a gasoline shopping spree in $99 increments using all my dollahs. They were gracious enough to leave me $0.86. Either that, or my card started declining after they’d used all the funds in my checking & savings. When I called the bank, I told them that I never buy gas on that card. I live in Georgia, and have never been to Pennsylvania in my life.

Pearl the Landlord

I’m surprisingly not as worried or angry or freaked out as I should be. Maybe it’s because I am too tired.

In other news, I’m trying to make an Optimus Prime costume for my annual Halloween race, but it’s gotten to be too huge of a project. It doesn’t look like how I want it to. I’m just tired of it, and I need it by Saturday. Sean has been too nice and helped me more than anyone should–he even made me some tires out of cardboard since he’s still on shut down.

That’s another beast unto itself. Sean’s been home from work for almost 3 weeks. He’s read 2 books, finished a video game, painted parts of the house, taken care of the cats, grocery shopped, cleaned, etc. I know people don’t think government shut down employees shouldn’t get back pay since they… didn’t work. But considering my $0.86 situation, it’d be nice if they did pay him, especially since he didn’t really choose to take almost 3 weeks off. In fact, he’s been ready to go back to work for a long while.

Bugs Bunny Crazy

Maybe today’s the day? Come on, Congress. Don’t let us down!

So, I guess I’ll finish my complaining for today. At least it’s really close to Friday?

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