Run Like Hell Race and Weekend Recap

This weekend went by too quickly again. Sean and I went grocery shopping on Friday night, which took up most of the evening. We had a quick dinner afterward and then headed to bed early since we had the Run Like Hell in the morning.

I typically wear a box costume for this race, but was disappointed to see that the forecast called for rain all Saturday in Atlanta. Since I planned on wearing my box costume for other events (also because I wasn’t finished with it, in my mind), I decided to leave it at home and run in regular stuff. I have to say, though, from the showing of costumes this year, I totally would have won the contest.

We left the house around 6:45 to get down to the Historic Oakland Cemetery and get a good parking spot. We picked up our bibs and headed back to the car like we do every year, to sit in the warmth and listen to NPR until a few minutes before the race actually started. This was my first “race” since I broke my leg, but I didn’t really feel out of practice.

I did make a “rookie mistake,” if you will, by thinking I could skip the port-o-potties before the race, and hold it until afterward. Wrong. I spent the first 2 miles lamenting that decision. It was miserable, and I felt like I was running the slowest I’d ever run in my entire life. I even considered running off course to pee in the woods or find a bathroom along the road. The last little bit of the course ran RIGHT by the port-o-potties. It took everything not to just make a pit stop mid-race, but I figured it’s just a 5k, so another .25 miles wasn’t going to kill me if I hadn’t died already.

Sean and I finished in 29:40something clock time. It’s not a chipped race, and they don’t enforce any pace line up. So, the chances of you getting stuck behind walkers who want to be in the front of the chute is highly likely. Neither of us wore a tracker, either, so we don’t know our actual time. I wasn’t worried about it, though, as I just wanted to find a bathroom ASAP.

After a potty break and a free banana (they didn’t even have bagels this year, totes cheaps), Sean and I got back into the car to head to my soccer games on the other side of town. My mom was meeting us there to watch, but unfortunately, the first game was canceled because the other team decided not to show up. We waited in the warm cars again until the next game around 11:15.

Our team did well, and actually had quite a few girl subs for once! We actually had more girl subs than guy subs. We won, 4-2. The 2 goals from the other team were kind of fluke goals, where one guy got a breakaway and scored on our goalie. Oh well, a win is a win, right?

From there, we went out to lunch with my mom and then made the long trek back home. The trek seems longer where you’re really tired, anyway. I took a much-needed shower and Sean packed his bags to head to his dad’s family’s reunion in Hazard, Kentucky. Yes, Dukes of Hazard kind of Hazard.

I took a nap right after he left. Man, there’s nothing like a weekend nap! When I got up, I made myself dinner and watched “Our Idiot Brother” while eating an ice cream sandwich. The movie was actually pretty good. It has Paul Rudd, Zooey Deschanel, Elizabeth Banks, the girl from “Parks and Rec” (Rashida Jones). If you need something to watch by yourself that’s a “feel-good” movie, I think this one is ok for the job.

After that, I headed to bed early, because I had a feeling the cats would wake me up early Sunday morning. They didn’t disappoint! What was disappointing was that we were out of coffee. Fortunately, the Starbucks closest to me opens a whole half hour earlier on Sundays than any of the other Starbucks in my city. So, hoorah for that. I didn’t even bother to put on real clothes (though I did brush my hair).

I spent the rest of Sunday being Becky Home Ec-y–scrubbing the house, cooking, doing laundry, working on my costume, and decorating my giant chalkboard.

Halloween Chalkboard

I hope you have a wonderful Monday. We’re so close to Halloween!

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