Halloween WODs, Parties, and Taste of Atlanta

Have you ever taken a vitamin that gets stuck in your throat and then dissolves there, and you can taste the vitamin dust for the rest of the day? Man, that is the pits–the dusty, vitamin-tasting pits.

In other news, I ripped my palms doing toes to bar last Thursday, and they won’t stop cracking/splitting. Even through NewSkin (which is from the fiery pits of hell itself), I think the combination of cold weather, constantly washing my hands, and repeated use of my hands is no match for these tears. The best part is that I’ll randomly extend my hands and re-rip it doing stupid things like opening a door or twisting the lid off my Nalgene. Nothing like constantly bleeding palms.

Think of the germz.

I also did a great job of being a human this weekend. I went out of the house 3 (count ’em, 3!) times. Saturday was the first weekend without soccer and my friend Kristin had been out of town all week, so we decided to go participate in the gym’s partner pumpkin “HalloWOD.” Except, when we got there, the coach split us into guy/girl teams.

The one time I have a partner for the weekend WOD, I was forced to partner up with someone else. The WOD was pretty fun:


  • BUY IN: 800 M Pumpkin relay (with the pumpkin overhead)
  • 20 pumpkin burpees
  • 20 pumpkin sit ups
  • 15 pumpkin thrusters
  • CASH OUT: 2 mins pumpkin Russian twists

I was pretty dizzy by the end with all those Russian twists, and I’m pretty sure my partner was sad he got paired with me. Sorry, brah, I wasn’t planning on being with you, either.

Kristin and I went back that night for the gym’s Halloween party, but we only ended up staying for about an hour, which was long before the cool people arrived and the party really started. I was too tired by 8:30. Old lady alert! Side note: Apparently I won the costume contest! Pretty impressive, considering I couldn’t even make it to 9pm.

On Sunday, I joined my friend Amy for Taste of Atlanta. I managed to make it down there with minimal traffic anxiety (and the help of very nice cops), then we met up and tasted some pretty delicious stuff including an apple pie creme brulee with buttermilk whipped cream. That one made my day.

Look at me being all social and fun!

After that, Sean and I carved pumpkins and watched It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown on repeat. I know all the words. I have a problem.

How was your weekend? Any recommendations for palms that keep splitting?

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