3 Things You Should Check Out

Hoorah, it’s Friday! I hope your Halloween was wonderful. It was slow at first, but we handed out quite a bit of goodies. I’ve seen these articles come out throughout the week, and I thought I’d use today to share them with you.


“Look Where There’s Inspiration” by Elisabeth Akinwale

This quote from this piece really struck me. We should live our lives like this every day. When we fall down, pick ourselves up to try again and be the helping hand for someone else. Hold people closer and tighter when they’re afraid, be grateful, and accept gratitude.

Never in my life have I fallen down so many times and picked myself up again- but not one of those times did I get back up without a helping hand. I helped others up. Held their arm tighter when they were afraid. Said thank you and was thanked.



“Why The Dangerous ‘Thigh Gap’ Trend Makes Me Mad” by Robyn Lawley

More and more people are bringing attention to this “fitspiration” trend. You’re more than the sum of your parts! And some bodies just aren’t built for thigh gaps.

I want my thighs to be bigger and stronger. I want to run faster and swim longer. I suppose we all just want different things, but women have enough pressure as it is without the added burden of achieving a “thigh gap.” The last thing I would want for my future daughter would be to starve herself because she thought a “thigh gap” was necessary to be deemed attractive.



9 Fitspiration Posters Corrected from BuzzFeed


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