Soccer, Salsa, Soup

I think about things to write here when I’m in a place that doesn’t allow for writing down, and then by the time I sit down at my laptop I’ve forgotten what my great idea was. That’s why I pretty much just give you a bunch of weekend updates. I’ll get better again, I promise.

Pinky Promise

Saturday was spent at soccer. We lost our first game of the playoffsThis never happens to our team. We lost in double overtime. It shouldn’t haven ended that way. A player on the opposing team should have been thrown out about midway through the game for repeated, dangerous fouls. At one time, I remember yelling, “THIS IS HOW LEGS GET BROKEN!”

He was fouled once and took it on as his personal mission to foul the guy who got him as many times as possible. I just want everyone to know this is coed, rec league soccer, where the winner of the playoffs gets a pizza coupon… So, we’re risking people’s bodies for a free pizza.


Soccer Flop

It’s ok, though, because it was revenge!

My mom came to the game, so we went out for Mexican food afterward. We were both in the mood for chips & salsa, and there was a place in between us both. Yummmm. I could eat chips and salsa for every meal. Chips are just a vehicle for salsa goodness. I do eat the chips, though, and don’t just lick the salsa off. 😀

I headed home, changed clothes, and then went to my friend Karen’s Georgia vs Florida football party.  I don’t typically follow college football, but I didn’t want to pass up an opportunity to see friends from my old work!

Friends Group Hug

Afterward, Sean and I used our last day of Netflix to watch “Jeff, Who Lives at Home.” It was a kinda slow, Indie, feel-gooder like “Our Idiot Brother.” I did get a little teary-eyed at the end. It’s also interesting to see comedic actors playing serious parts. It’s like the time you saw Jim Carrey in “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.”

Sunday was epically lazy, as usual. I thought I slept in super late, but it was a trick from daylight savings. We went to Target to look at CHRISTMAS STUFF!!!! And the sat in the Sprint store for 45 minutes without being waited on, so we left. We took a walk. I made a stew for the week–warm, yummy soup now that Georgia is acting like it’s fall. We watched the Falcons lose (again… sad face), and then went to bed early because the day was so long.

Peanuts Yawn

I hope your Monday is fabulous. Please start harassing me if this is all I write this week.


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