Just Do You

So, remember back on World Vegetarian Day when I told you that it’s totally great if you want to go meatless (even if it’s just one day a week!), and then confessed that I didn’t really want to be a vegetarian any more?

I had a lot of great blog, Facebook, and email feedback from people who were like, “Srsly, Currlyn? No 1 curr. Just do you.” This made me feel better regarding the 2-part guilt I was feeling about wanting to start eating meat again.

No 1 Curr

I always tried to be a vegetarian who didn’t judge other people’s eating choices or make it difficult to go out with friends or family to dinner. For reals, there’s always a salad option or a side menu. You choose what you do and don’t eat. Don’t inconvenience others just because you’re picky.

(Food allergies are obviously different. There’s nothing like anaphylactic shock, so be safe on that front, you guys. Duh. And be understanding. People can’t help if their bodies shut down at the mere sight/smell of peanuts.)

My 2-part guilt stemmed from 1. how I would feel about eating meat again (since the whole reason I stopped was for ethical reasons) and 2. would people think I was a big hypocrite for not wanting to abide by my own standards.

It made me think of how some people are raised in a religion and then fall out of the way they were raised and either switch faiths or don’t follow religion at all. There are going to be people who condemn you for changing your beliefs or switching because of marriage or whatever else. But you have to do what’s best for you.

Also, do we truly expect people to never grow and learn and make mistakes and change their beliefs accordingly? Only politicians — those darn flip-floppers…

My friend Chelsea posted an article on Facebook called, “12 Habits of Healthy, Happy People…” which stated the key to your own personal inner peace is to, “Do whatever the f^@% you want.”

So, long blog post short, I started eating meat again.

I’m still figuring it out, but it honestly wasn’t the, “Oh my gosh, I’ve missed this so much” feeling that I half-expected it to be. Nor was it the, “Oh my gosh, I’m a horrible person” guilt I was prepared to feel. I do feel guilty about it in some ways, but I feel like my body is balancing out (internally) again. So, you’ve got to do what works for you, right?

I honestly feel the most guilt when I’m eating around other people. I feel the need to hide it. I know that NO ONE CARES, and that the guilt is all in my head. But I still feel like I’m admitting that I’m a bad person every time I do.

I’ve also come across a lot of people who said, “Oh, I had to end up doing that too so I didn’t have to take supplements.” Or, “Because I was doing too much to not eat a solid source of easy protein.” But the half vegetarian in me comes up with “comebacks” to these excuses in my own head.

Why did I want to start eating meat? Convenience? Health? Laziness? Normalcy? (Boom, boom, boom, boom, tons of comebacks flooding in at once!)

But the fact of the matter is that true happiness is doing what makes you happy and works for you and stresses you out the least.

So if you want to be a stay-at-home mom or a working mom, do what works for you.

If you want to do yoga or CrossFit or run or walk or Zumba, do what makes you happy.

If you want to eat meat or not, do what makes you feel the best.

Live and let live. Love and peace and ice cream for all (except you lactose intolerant peeps, then you can just have Jell-o or something.)


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