Consumerism and Christmas-Love

One of my resolutions for 2013 was to avoid buying any new clothes. I have been able to stick with it for the most part other than buying a swim suit, a dress for a wedding, and a new pair of running crops. I feel like that’s pretty good — 3 items of clothing in 365 days.

It seems like the change of seasons doesn’t ever help with this feeling, though. When spring became summer, I felt like I needed new running shorts (glad I didn’t waste money on those after all since I spent the whole summer on crutches) and now that it’s turning into fall, the urge to spend money on boots and scarves and cardigans and long-sleeved shirts is strong.

The force is strong with consumerism.

Minion Shopping

I’m in marketing so I should be able to outsmart the constant stream of advertising and marketing ploys to get me to spend money on things I don’t really need but just want. But recently, I’ve been thinking about how the urge to buy things I want, want, want feels so innate. Maybe it’s just me, and maybe I’m just greedy.

Does anyone else get this feeling? Advertisers are so tricky! I’m going to try to hold out until the end of the year. We’ll see how it goes.

Speaking of consumerism, I really cannot wait until Christmas season. I know some people are like, “Hold on! It’s not even Thanksgiving.” But, let’s be honest, Christmas has more good, warm, fuzzy feelings associated with it than Thanksgiving does. I’m all for a day of gluttony to celebrate how grateful I am for all I have, but I really feel like Christmas is at the end of the year to give you something to look forward to.

And it’s not because we give and get presents.

Elf Movie Gif

Getting things is definitely not my favorite thing about Christmas. Just ask Sean, who has to weasel a Christmas list out of me every year (socks please, all day erry day). I just love the feeling that comes with the holiday. People reach out to help others more during this season (more donations, more volunteering, etc.). It’s a season of giving, A Christmas Carol style. It’s the season of family and traditions and lights and carols and seeing the best in people and warm feelings.

It’s like when the Grinch’s heart grew during Christmas — everyone seems a little nicer and more generous. Maybe. Maybe it’s just me, looking at the world through my Christmas-colored glasses.

Home Alone Ya Filthy Animal Gif

This is why I turn my Pandora station to Christmas music when I’m in traffic. It gets me feeling calm and generous. 🙂

What’s your favorite holiday? Why? Are you a Christmas-lover or a Scrooge? Or are you waiting until Thanksgiving is over to even think about it?


2 thoughts on “Consumerism and Christmas-Love

  1. I love Christmas/thanksgiving! It’s kinda a package deal for me! Everything about it makes me smile! And yes, you’re not alone to have already played a Pandora Christmas station in the car this year! I look forward to it all year. Most likely it’ll be super intense this year. Thank you pregnancy hormones. 🙂

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