Surprises, Check Fraud, and Costume

Wednesday while I was at work, I emailed Sean and told him I had a surprise for him and for him to be careful driving home since it was almost time for him to leave his office. I was bringing him a sweet! Well, he quickly replied that he was already home and he had a surprise for me too!

I’ll admit that my mind instantly jumped to the conclusion that he had gotten us a dog! Hoorah! Then reality set in and I realized that 1. He’d never get us a dog, 2. If a deus ex machina occurred and Sean did get us a dog, he’d never do it on a Wednesday, and 3. Sean would never, ever in his whole life get us a dog.

Rewind to earlier on Wednesday and I spent a lot of time complaining about the new neighbor in the cube next to mine who thinks he has magical headphones that make his — noises — inaudible to everyone around him. This guy is a real sound effect and musical talent. His repertoire ranges from beat boxing to war movie sound effects and whistling, humming, singing, personal cell phone answering, and loud-whisper cursing.

So it was only perfect that Sean got me a fancy new pair of over the ear headphones. What a guy. They are awesome, and I can’t even hear the sound effect guy next to me!

As a result of the whole dog thing, I had a dream Wednesday night that I had two French bulldog puppies. They were so squishy and cute, but peed all over the house in my dream. But their bellies were so adorable. One day, puppies. One day.

I know I mentioned a while back that I was an unfortunate victim of check card fraud. They cleaned out my bank account in $90 increments at gas stations across Pennsylvania. Weirdness. Well, Suntrust was totally awesome and credited my account with the total amount lost after I completed some paperwork. I was a little unsure at first, since the affidavit said they would essentially decide to give me my money back based on what I wrote down.

And the questions weren’t comforting. Like, “Where do you keep your PIN?” Um… in my head.

“Who had access to the card?” Me, and whomever stole the number?

“Explain what happened.” I logged in to my online account and saw someone had purchased gas in Pennsylvania. I don’t live in Pennsylvania — nor have I visited…ever — and I don’t buy gasoline on that card.

The end? Apparently, because they didn’t think I was a fraudster, and gave me my dollahs back. I hope they catch the baddies that stole it.

In other other news, I don’t know if I ever mentioned it, but my Halloween costume was a big hit this year all around. I won 2 costume contests —  one at my gym and one at work. And I’m sure I could have won the Run Like Hell contest if I had been willing to risk cardboard Optimus in the rain.

Homemade Optimus Prime Costume

Now I have to do even better next year. I’m probably going to have to start soon. 😉


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