Christmas, Thor, and Baby Showers

Another weekend without soccer, and I felt like we did so much! I took two rest days this weekend, too, since Thursday & Friday weren’t good days for me. Really, the whole week was iffy, health-wise. I felt a baby sore throat coming on last Sunday night through Wednesday. I even left before the WOD on Tuesday because of all the awesome drainage in my throat/stomach.

Anyway, Wednesday’s workout left my back SO SORE on Thursday and Friday, too. I borrowed my friend from work’s heating pad and ended up buying my own on Friday. (Best investment ever. I take it with me everywhere I go — to bed, to work, on the couch.)

That, and my stomach was weird all last week. I have a notoriously weak stomach, especially in the mornings. If I can barely convince myself something is gross, I’ll spend a solid 10 minutes hurking it up in the bathroom. I gag at least 5 to 10 times every day and that’s just brushing my teeth.

Can we talk about how much I love this gif? I could watch it and laugh for days.

I almost considered leaving work early on Friday my stomach was feeling so bad, but I decided to just try to eat some homemade soup and make it till 4. When I got home that night, I had a bowl of cereal (comfort, please) and headed to bed early, as usual.

I work up completely fine on Saturday. I don’t know what changed overnight, but my back was fine, my throat was fine, and my stomach was fine. We did the boring stuff — like get groceries and clean the house — and fun stuff like go to see Thor and look at Christmas decorations. We stopped at Starbucks that morning, and for the first time ever, someone in front of my bought my coffee. I’ve done this “random act of kindness” for others before, but it was completely awesome to be the recipient. I made sure to pass on the good deed to the guy behind me, and I really hope he did the same.

The new Thor movie is fine. Guys–go for the fighting and superhero stuff. Ladies–go for Chris Hemsworth.

Sunday was another “let’s look at Christmas stuff” day, except I ended up buying and putting up a Christmas tree. It’s glorious and heavenly and I might keep it up all year long. Sean was hesitant about the whole buying and putting up a tree, but sometimes you’ve just gotta do what you’ve gotta do.

Christmas Tree

Sunday afternoon I went to my gym friend’s baby shower. It was pretty fun. The whole shower you couldn’t say “baby” or “cute.” I managed not to say them the whole time, but I didn’t “catch” enough other people saying it to win the game. Sean ordered a pizza Sunday night in memoriam of the Falcons’ sad season.

I magically slept pretty well Sunday night. I typically don’t. I guess because I worry about Monday.

Overall it was a great weekend. I hope yours was good, too. Do you have trouble sleeping on Sunday nights? Even better, are you a serial gagger? There’s got to be more than just me out there.

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