Friday Ramblings

I’ll keep things more PC today and won’t talk about religion or politics or my opinion on anything that could make people mad.

Sean and I are contemplating signing up for the Publix Marathon in March. I’m all for it, but Sean keeps wimping out at the last second because — the marathon is in March and it might be cold. Now, let’s clear things up. I’m all for not running a potential 4+ hours in the cold, but that’s just because I prefer not to. Sean, on the other hand, has physical reactions to the cold.

It’s half hilarious (because I love him, of course) and half sad. Does anyone else feel the urge to throw up when you go from a comfortable temperature to sudden cold? The blood in his extremities pulls a u-turn, apparently, and immediately focuses on the core. His hands, feet, ears, etc. get painfully cold, and he says his lungs feel very ungood, like shards of glass are in there.

Maybe he has Raynaud’s?

Tl;Dr: Sean and I might sign up for another marathon. (Sean’s first!) Also, he’s hates running in the cold.

As I’ve mentioned a million times on the internets, we already put up our Christmas tree, but I haven’t decorated it. Instead of doing it all the day after Thanksgiving, I think the plan is to stretch out Christmas decorating and let it unfold slowly every weekend until the one after Thanksgiving. I’m super excited this year because we have a house to decorate, not just a tiny apartment porch.

I had 3 mega strings of lights on our little porch last year, and I’m certain you could see it from space. I’m surprised none of our neighbors complained that it was keeping them awake National Lampoon’s “Christmas Vacation” style.

This year, though, I’m really excited to do it up.

Do you wait til after Thankgiving to decorate for Christmas? Or do you decorate at all?


2 thoughts on “Friday Ramblings

  1. I have the same problems that Sean does. I start coughing and often my sinuses will act up. I’ve been a mess all week. My first year at MC I actually got a nose bleed the first time the temperature went below 60. Now my joints even act up. Some people are just not built for cold.

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