Thursday Thoughts (Unorganized)

1. Sleep has not been going well for me this week. That makes me sad because it’s something that I like a lot but also don’t function well without. For example, Monday night, while lying in bed, I kept reliving the broken leg incident. How I heard the snap/crunch and wailed like a baby and how I probably should have told them not to call the ambulance. Meanwhile, I was having these “phantom” pains in my leg while I was trying to stop thinking about it and just go to sleep. Grrrr.

2. I made a cold brew of coffee for this week, and I think someone either spiked it or I made it WAY too strong. Tuesday was a complete jitterfest until about 12pm, and I only finished half the cup on Wednesday for fear of the same thing. I’ve been forgoing the sugar/sweetener in my homemade coffee for straight half and half, and I know that has nothing to do with it, but I’ve convinced myself it does.

3. I found an older, cat-friendly pug mix at a local shelter, and Sean refuses to let me get it. I’ll leave it at that. Where’s your Thanksgiving spirit, Sean?

4. I bought a Groupon for a sports massage at a place super near my house. Unfortunately, a million other people bought them, too, so I have to wait until the Friday before Christmas week to have it. But it is going to hurt so good. I hope it’s awesome. I’ll probably go to sleep immediately afterward. That’s my kind of Friday night.

5. I created a survey for my company/department and sent it to current clients (2013), and only got a half of one response. It’s 10 questions. Multiple choice. How lazy are people? I’m pretty sad about it.

6. I’ve already started Christmas shopping. Huzzah. I can’t wait to wrap them and hide them in a closet because my cats are Scrooges and eat the presents when I put them under the tree. In other news, I’m poor already.

Oh, come on. You knew it was coming.

7. Some friends from work and I went to BrandsMart yesterday over our lunch break. Who knew they had so much stuff at such great prices? How do they do it? They also had a huge assembly line-type spiral-y thing in the middle of the store. Is it that way in every BrandsMart? I wanted to ride down it like a slide or the present conveyor belt in “The Polar Express.”

8. I’m so so so so close to a pull up at the gym. And yet so far away. I can jump into one and make it up, but I can’t get one from a dead hang. I have till the end of the year to accomplish this goal! How do I make it happen?!

9. It bothers me a lot when people fish for compliments on social media. “I love it when people say my kid looks like me, but I hope she doesn’t mind. ;)” Just stop. You’re almost 30… Really any age past 18 shouldn’t be doing stuff like that online. Who are we that we enjoy being validated by total strangers? Social media has turned us all into pseudo-celebrities. Social media is for cat pics, duh. Ask Zuckerberg. That’s why he created it.

10. The new guy in the cube next to me enjoys making random noises, and I’m a short fuse away from somehow crafting a shiv out of post-its and computer parts…

11. BrandsMart also has great deals on Bose noise-canceling headphones…

3 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts (Unorganized)

    1. Boo. It really stinks. I woke up at 2 this AM, too. The worst part is getting upset at yourself that you’re awake, which makes it even harder to sleep.

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