Hunger Games, Muffins, and Jerks

I went to see the new Hunger Games movie this weekend. My friend Kelsey and I went together for this once since we read the books and saw the first one together. The movie was so good, good enough to make me want to stay and watch it again right afterward. I felt like a lot happened so quickly and that I needed to watch it more than once to really digest the plot (even though I already know what happens…).

Sean and I were thinking about going to a Christmas tree lighting this weekend, but he ended up working from home a lot on Saturday because all the servers/back-ups/archives at his work decided to revolt at once. Mutiny! Instead we were lazy, and I honestly don’t remember doing a lot on Saturday besides grocery shopping and making a yummy garlic butter pasta sauce for dinner.

On Sunday, we watch a little bit of Shrek 2 because Sean had never seen it and really wanted to know what happened when Shrek and Donkey drank the potion. Spoiler alert: they get beautiful. I quit that a few minutes in and made blueberry muffins.

Then I ate 3 of them right out of the oven with melted butter and a big ol’ glass of whole milk. Oh my gosh, they were so good. Sorry you couldn’t partake in that, but it would mean less for me. There’s 1% fruit in there, so it’s a little healthy, right? (wink wink)

In other news, I press jerked 85# yesterday. I know it’s not really a lot, and it’s not really a big deal to a lot of people. But I dropped a bar on my head once when a jerk got caught in my hair, and I’ve been ridiculously afraid of putting anything that “feels heavy” over my head. When we would work on cleans and jerks, I’d start shaking when I counted my plates or my bar felt heavy. There’s no reason for it. I know how to bail, but it still made me nervous. Until I realized that I was lifting more than that over my head for other lifts — like overhead squats. If the word “jerk” wasn’t in the title, I was fine.

Anyway, I hope this means my fear of the jerk is over. And I can move on to just being afraid of being upside down. I’m slowly conquering that one by… just being upside down.

How was your weekend? I wish I could have slept more. They started construction on some houses across the street, so the house was filled with the lovely sounds of nail guns and heavy machinery. Alas, not a single nap was taken — successfully.

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