The Thanksgiving Calorie Rant

One of my favorite bloggers posted a rant yesterday about the stupid things that happen during the Thanksgiving timez. I agree with all of them, but one rant that really rings true is the stupid calorie count things that circulate among health and fitness magazines, articles, blog, etc.

“Did you know you’d have to run more than a marathon to burn all the calories you consume during Thanksgiving dinner?!” And, sure, some people run turkey trots from 5k to marathons. I’ll be going to the gym on Thanksgiving morning — not to earn my dinner, but because I like going to my gym and want to see my friends that day.

I saw something similar around Halloween about how much of certain exercises it takes to burn the calories from certain fun-sized candies. I’ll be the first to admit that I probably ate more candy than I gave out, and I didn’t “feel guilty” about it the next day. I just did my regular thing.

You don’t get fat or gain tons of weight from a single day or night of indulgence. You gain weight during the holiday season because of many nights of indulgence. Just eat your Thanksgiving dinner, go for a walk around the neighborhood, and then take a nap on the couch.

It comes once a year, don’t fret over how you’re going to burn off 1 day’s worth of calories. Think about all the people who are involuntarily not eating a Thanksgiving dinner, and be grateful for your chance to have one.

My friend Kristin posted a great article about the excuses that people whip out around the holidays. It’s an interesting read. If you don’t want to gain weight during this time of year, work to make sure you don’t. It isn’t completely all or nothing, either. You don’t have to starve and deprive yourself (really, that’s not good any time of year), but you don’t have to say, “Screw it! I’m not putting any effort forward!”

Stop posting and writing these discouraging calorie counts that really don’t matter. Want a healthy Thanksgiving? Just make sure there’s a green veggie on your plate somewhere. If you have to cover it in gravy to swallow it, I say do it. Better to eat a buttered brussels sprout than none at all.

Ok, I’m going to be done with that now. Happy Thanksgiving Eve~

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