The Anti-Gift Guide

I’m about to get meta here, so prepare yourself. It really bothers me when bloggers/online articles post “gift guides.” Why, Carolyn? They’re just helping a reader out. No, they are advertising for sponsors and/or using your clicks/buys to get free things/money for themselves.

It doesn’t bother me that everything is commercialized as much as NO ONE TELLS YOU that they are benefiting from this seemingly helpful guide full of cool things to buy for family and friends. If you don’t want to be tricked into getting other people free stuff, hover your mouse over the links to make sure it’s not an affiliate link. If it is and you don’t want to feed the beast, just click on over to Google and describe the item (or if the blogger is nice enough to give you the item name, Google that).

You’ll probably be able to find it without being tricked into giving people who sit at home for a living free stuff.

Anyway, I thought I’d post a list of cool things that I think would make great gifts for the holidays. They aren’t affiliate links, and I benefit from this in no way other than to show you these cool stuffs and get a laugh. (A dog will do for my gift, Sean. Thanks. 😀 )

For the workaholic in your life:

Shit I Gotta Fucking Get Done Notebooks

These stylish notebooks. (On sale now!)

For your favorite cat lady:

You've CAT To Be KITTEN Me Right MEOW. - Ver. 2 by CalumCJL

This is my most favorite joke of all time. Except for my other fave jokes…

For your favorite gym rat:

Take a shower, smelly.

Ya know, to keep the sweat stench away.

For your favorite kid:

Baby Mop

Put those lazy moochers to work.

For the man in your life:

Farting Fanny Bank

Sean loves saving money, so this farting fanny bank is perfect for him…

For the coffee connoisseur:

Coffee LAzy

Too fancy for regular stirring? Try a self-stirring coffee mug.

What crazy additions would you put on your Christmas list?

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