Wednesday List

1. The Sing-Off is back on TV! It took what feels like a one million year hiatus after Pentatonix blew the roof off last year. They had to build a new one, I guess, so it took a while to get back on air. They replaced Sara Bareilles with Jewel, so I don’t know how I feel about that. I missed last night’s episode, but caught up on all the performances. The first episode never really impresses me, but I loved this song:

High schoolers! I’m impressed.

These are my next fave:

2. I think I’m done with Christmas shopping except for the secret Santa at work and wrapping Sean’s last gift. I have it sitting upstairs in the closet, carefully hidden. I had to get a special box to wrap it. I’m so excited for people to get their gifts this year! BE JOYOUS WHEN YOU OPEN WHAT I GAVE YOU!

3. Speaking of Sean, his beard this year is magnificent. He’s been letting it grow out since late October (because he forgot to shave it before no-shave November) and told me he’d wait to shave it until at least my company’s Christmas party in Decembeard. I think he might even let it go past that into Januhairy. I’ll try to get a pic for you guys. It’s hard since he hates pictures.

4. I went to the post office yesterday to mail a package, and, aside from the jerk who honked at me for not driving into oncoming traffic, it was actually a pleasant experience. The post office employees in the post nearest our apartment were SO UNHAPPY with their jobs and so rude. They always acted like getting your stamps or helping you figure out how to send your package was like running a marathon after they’d eaten 3 pizzas. Disgusting and sickening. Tiring and nauseating. The post office people at the one nearest our new house are SO NICE. The line was short and moved fast, the woman at the desk helped me choose what kind of shipping I actually needed (not the $80 kind), and people in the parking lot were even nice, letting me cross the road and pull out. It’s sooooo nice that some people are humane to others during the season of joy and kindness…

5. I found a blind dog up for adoption. Sean said no. No surprise there. This very bearded, heartless man refuses a regular dog, but also he’s now refused to rescue a 3-legged dog AND a blind dog. Rude.

6. I think we finally have our Christmas travel schedule figured out. Maybe. It changes day by day as others change their plans. I did manage to get out of driving to 3 different states for up to 36 hours over the Christmas week holiday. Might as well go to work if I’m going to sit in one place for that long…

7. We’re so close to the weekend already! Happy Wednesday!


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