The Crudz

Man, the creeping crud is really going around this year. I know so many people at work, at the gym, around town, that have gotten sick. Some even contracted the plague over Thanksgiving. THE WORST! I’m really sorry for all of you who have to deal with real illness. I become a complete and utter infant when I’m very sick.

When I got the norovirus about this time last year, Sean was out of town in Tennessee. I called him and sounded very pitiful until he drove back down to Georgia to buy me Gatorade and toast dry bread for me. I don’t think I left my spot on the couch for the entire 2 weeks. While him making the drive back was probably unnecessary, I can vouch that I would not have fed myself and would probably have just sipped water all day watching TV reruns.

I managed to avoid that plague that is affecting people this year, but I’ve had this annoying, longstanding pseudo-cold that’s been hanging around for about 3 weeks now. Started with a baby sore throat, slowly got the sniffles, and I cough at night when I’m trying to sleep (grumble grumble). It hasn’t gotten worse or better, though. Weird, no?

Sean made me take some TheraFlu a few times (after a tantrum on my part–just thinking about TheraFlu gives me that gags). It helped me sleep better and not wake up in coughing fits, but other than that, nothing’s really happened with it.


I should be glad that I don’t have what everyone else is getting, but it’s still annoying.

In other news, my legs were totally wrecked yesterday after Tuesday’s workout. We did last year’s open 13.3 workout, and I only made it through 122 wallball shots before time ran out. I know, lame. It was more than last time I did it–which was right after I got out of the boot.

Anyway, I could feel the soreness coming on as early as Tuesday afternoon and it was full DOMS on Wednesday. I skipped a run with work friends at lunch because I could barely make it down the stairs that morning. The Wednesday workout was all rowing. Ugh. That didn’t make the legs feel any better. I did get to wheelbarrow race the coach, though, so it was fun.

Sean promised me bacon for this morning, so I have something to look forward to before the weekend. We’re so cloooose. And yet so far away.

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