3 Days and Counting…

I made a poor choice on the spur of the moment and ordered myself a new computer this week. I don’t really like not having an outlet via writing. Sean tried to convince me that I could get away with just an iPad, but I really can’t. It’s super hard to write on an iPad, you guys.

Can you imagine writing a book even back in the pre-typewriter days? I bet it took foreverrrrrr!

In other news, today is my last day of work until 2014! We have a weird Christmas schedule this year, but I’m going to be able to make it up to TN for my family’s Christmas. I’m pretty excited about seeing all my cousins and aunts and uncles and my grandparents. My mom will be in TN then, too. Hooray!

We’re also going to make it up to Kentucky again this year to see Sean’s grandparents and aunt & uncle as well as his family in TN. So much family! I can’t wait.

So many things to look forward to!

One of them is a total lack of driving/sitting in traffic/dealing with people. One of my biggest pet peeves about driving is that no one ever thinks about anyone but themselves during the trip. I’m not saying I’m a completely selfless driver, but there comes a point where getting 1 foot further down the road doesn’t really make a difference.

If you’re stopped in traffic, don’t block an intersection/ neighborhood exit. Get off your phone, whatever it is can most definitely wait. When the light turns green, don’t dawdle. There’s someone behind you that won’t make it because you’re too busy texting.

I think everyone gets the drift. Thanks for letting me rant.

Anyway, my computer is supposed to be here by Friday. So, I’ll hopefully have more then.

I recommend we all just listen to some John Legend and chillax.


One thought on “3 Days and Counting…

  1. Hey!Have an absolutely great time reconnecting with your families over Christmas. I agree…tablets just aren”t as efficient at computers when it comes to typing!!

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