It’s Here!

SANTA! I KNOW HIM! You guys I’m so excited. My new computer came on Friday. Of course, I was out of town, but Sean was here to sign for it. He moved my desk back into the office, brought my computer upstairs, and even wrapped it. He wrote a note on it that said, “To: Carolyn, From: Carolyn.” Hardy har har.

treat yo self

I went a little bit overboard in choosing a computer. I realize that now that I’ve got it all out of the package, set up, and purring. So it’s too late to take it back or exchange it for something a little less… grandiose. At least that’s what I’m telling myself and Sean, because now that I have it I really like it.

Anyway, on to updating.

This weekend FLEW by for me. Friday, I drove up to Tennessee at noon to attend my family’s Christmas. Our Christmas travel plans kept changing this year, and I was a little disappointed when my family changed Christmas from this coming Wednesday to the Friday before. I did manage to get time off to go up, though, and I had a really great time seeing everyone.

Awesome Driver

Saturday morning, I drove over to Sean’s parents’ house, and we all loaded up in Sean’s dad’s truck to head to Kentucky to visit Sean’s grandparents and aunt and uncle and cousin who live in Hazard. Yes, Dukes of Hazard kind of Hazard. It was awesome to see them (and Sean’s sister made it down from Northern Kentucky, too!). But going up there made me realize how much Sean and I eat. We eat a lot, and often. I felt like we were the little kids always asking, “Soooo….. when are we going to eat again?”

I love seeing Sean’s family up there. They’re my family now, so I love squeezing their necks (and eating their food…). We spent all Saturday afternoon and evening just talking and hanging out, hearing stories about when Sean’s dad was young and totaled a Porsche and drove a Mustang straight off the truck without even verifying that it was his.

When I was your age

Sunday we went to his grandparents’ church, and then left straight for Tennessee. When we got back, I hopped right in my car to head back to Georgia. We only hired the cat sitter for the weekend, so I needed to make it back to feed the tiny hippos who were super hungry and angry that we left.

The drive back to Georgia was ROUGH. I was tired, but about an hour in, it started weird raining. That made it even harder to see. I was SO relieved when I finally made it home. I’m pretty sure I white-knuckled the steering wheel for the last hour and a half or so.

This morning, I got up early and went to CrossFit. This morning was the Boys’ Club. The conversations are always interesting when I’m the only girl. I’m used to it because Sean has no filter when it comes to those things and, honestly, I am 5-years-old at heart and cannot NOT laugh when someone makes a fart joke.

fart joke

I hope Sean sees this. Hahaha.

Today I’m going to run some errands including getting the cats a new toy so Pudge won’t destroy the house again like he did when I was gone this weekend, and getting Sean some soil because he accepted a bunch of tree and shrub seedlings the Thursday night before I left and now wants me to plant them. -_- My diploma is also done being framed, so I’m going to head down to Atlanta to pick that up sometime today, too.

I hope there’s not toooooo much morning traffic. I’m pretty sure there shouldn’t be since it’s Christmas Eve Eve, and most people have the day off.

Elf Santa I Know Him

Happy Monday!


2 thoughts on “It’s Here!

  1. Your enjoyment for life comes through so vividly and adds to the fun of those who read. Our oldest daughter’s father in law grew up in Hazzard so we have something in common. Well, the big day is almost here. Wish we could enjoy food the way you do…we add pounds just by looking at it. Guess if we were as active as you are it wouldn’t be such a problem. Merry Christmas, Lyn.

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