Happy Christmas Eve!

I tried to sleep in this morning and made it all the way to 6am. My gym consolidated to one big group workout today, so I didn’t need to get up at 4:30. I probably woke up around 5, but tried to make myself go back to sleep a few times so I could say I slept in. I’ve gotten to the age where sleeping too long just hurts my neck and back. Either that, or I need a new pillow (probably the latter).

Old Lady

I did A LOT of running around yesterday–including going to pick up my framed diploma, going to Home Depot for soil & rocks to plant Sean’s tree saplings, stopping by Target to get a few last minute things and a desk lamp for Sean, etc. I got two desk lamps and put them by my new computer. So, now I like them too much to let Sean have them…

Today my to-do list is less ambitious, but will probably take just as long.

After feeding the cats, I made myself a breakfast of oatmeal and bacon. Yesterday morning, I made a bunch of bacon, because I figured it’d serve me throughout the week of breakfasts. Instead I just ate it all in 24 hours. When Sean’s not here to regulate the bacon, I just eat it all. I had it with breakfast, lunch, and dinner yesterday, and then with my oatmeal this morning. Om nom nom.


I paid some bills online (hooray… not) and then got started on the first item on the list: finally decorating my chalkboard for Christmas. I’ve been on it the past few holidays, but it’s felt like I really haven’t been home at all the month of December. I had the outline ready, but I just hadn’t taken the time to draw it out. Whew, major item checked off, there. Ha ha.

Christmas Chalkboard

The other part of my list includes working out, and (the most daunting of all) organizing the pantry. I’ve been putting off the pantry reorganize for a while, but it’s getting pretty messy in there. It’s gotten to the point where we’ll buy something we think we’re out of, only to find more of it stuffed in the back of a shelf, hidden from sight, along with 4 other bags of it. No one needs that much brown sugar, unless you’re Paula Deen.

Paula Deen Brown Sugar

I really don’t want to start that project until this afternoon, when I can dedicate a solid chunk of time to it. I know I have some other baskets around the house, so I’m hoping that will help with getting everything a “place” and keeping it there.

Those are my riveting Christmas Eve plans. I might watch a Christmas movie on my new computer tonight, just because Sean’s computer/TV combo has way too many buttons, remotes, etc. going on for me to put in the effort for just a Christmas movie.

Buddy the Elf

What are you doing for the holiday?



One thought on “Happy Christmas Eve!

  1. Lyn, your breathless list of activities provides me, the old geezer, my chuckle for the day. If I did just a 1/4 of that I would probably have a massive coronary..Glad your new computer is up and running. think I may get myself one after the holidays…we’ll see.Merry Christmas, Lyn, to you and your family.

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