Post-Christmas Post

Happy day-after-Christmas. Sean always hates this part, because it seems like the whole year had led up to Christmas and now we have a few “decompression” days before the new year. I haven’t done very well at keeping up with my 2013 resolutions (as typically happens), but I haven’t even thought about what I want to try to accomplish in 2014.

Excellent start, right?

Who Me?

I know I want to make resolutions revolving around CrossFit, health, running, and volunteering. I definitely need to make a resolution or two involving saving again, especially after depleting my emergency fund on my broken leg and subsequent appointments related to that. Pro tips: never ride in the ambulance and avoid MRIs at all costs, if you can.

Anyway, I guess I’ll rewind a minute. I woke up early on Christmas (around 5!), and made myself a huge Christmas morning breakfast: bacon, eggs, a toast with butter & jam, and an orange + an iced coffee with copious amounts of half and half. My mom came over at about 9, and she started making her Christmas bacon/broccoli wreath. My brother texted us, so we got on FaceTime and watched him open his gifts from us. The postal service failed us, and we didn’t get his package to us, but that’s ok.


After that, mom and I opened our gifts to each other. I got her a new rolling suitcase that was all colorful and fancy (excellent description, right?). I filled it with comfy socks and travel goodies since she travels a lot. I also got her a pair of comfy PJs and bootie slippers. So warm!

She got me a lot of clothes (which, after a year of minimal clothes buying, I’ll admit I needed)–two long-sleeved t-shirts, a cardigan, a fancy sweater, and a coat. In true mom fashion, she got me the best pair of pajama pants that ever existed in the history of warm pants. FLEECE pants. They are the best thing that’s happened to me in a long time. My mom also got Sean and I a little hand-held vacuum and she got me a little onyx cat necklace. Kitties!!!

Rewind a little more, and Tuesday I cleaned out my pantry. It was in desperate need of reorganization, and I was putting it off because I though it would take ages. It surprisingly only took me a short amount of time, but I realized how much crap is in my pantry…


This is the before and when my pantry threw up all over the kitchen.

I think it only took about an hour or two, but it’s SO MUCH CLEANER now. Whew.


Pretend the lighting isn’t horrific and that you can tell how much better it is…

The life of a cat lady. If I didn’t work, my house would be wicked clean! And I’d make healthy dinners every night. And I’d probably nap a lot. And get bored a week in!

I hope your Christmas was great. What resolutions are you thinking about for 2014?

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