Aaannnddd It’s Over!

Hooray, Friday! Except, this is the week where I wouldn’t mind if time slowed down since it’s still a lazy Christmas vacation. I had some free time yesterday, so I disassembled and took down allllllll the Christmas lights and decorations. I really didn’t have much else to do and they’re building 3 houses across the street, so naps weren’t in my cards today. I’m not the kind of person who can generally sleep through hammering, drilling, sawing, and the like.

Sleeping Kitten

It took me a few hours, but I managed to take the Christmas tree down by myself (55 lbs and 7 feet tall!) as well as all the lights on the outside of the house. I’m sure the construction workers across the street laughed at me as I moved our big 8 foot ladder down the front of the house in my fleece sweatpants. I made it my mission to not have to change out of those puppies all day. Best Christmas gift ever.

I also did a load of laundry to get ready for my trip back to Tennessee to see Sean’s side of the family again and do their Christmas. I’m hoping next year will be less … travel-intensive. All that’s left to do is put all the tubs of Christmas stuff and the actual tree into the attic. That task is up to Sean because I don’t like the attic and can’t even climb up the ladder/stairs because of my weird fear of heights — even though it’s not high, just steep.

Ok, and the attic is just creepy.

Home Alone Furnace

Like that furnace in Home Alone…

I forgot to say yesterday that my mom and I watched A Christmas Story on Christmas (thanks to the TBS 24-hour rerun special!). I’ve probably told you before, but I used to hate that movie. As a kid I thought it was ridiculously stupid and no fun to watch. Now that I’m an adult and I get the voiceover commentary, it’s so much funnier. Those kids were pretty good little actors. Ralphie crying in bed after the “Oh fuuuuuuuudge. Except I didn’t say fudge.” Him beating up Scut Farkus, then turning to his mom and bawling when she finally gets his attention. So güd.

In CrossFit yesterday morning, we did the lactate tester which is 3 rounds of 25 kb swings, 25 burpees. This is the first time it didn’t feel like I was dying when I did it. I also got a PR by 1 minute. Woot! The Rx weight for women is 1.5 pd and I only used 1, but next time I probably definitely need to try something bigger.

Muscle Cat

I feel like I’m starting to make some progress in CrossFit. Not having a broken leg probably helps, but I still do a lot of things VERY right-leg dominant. I can pistol squat on the right leg like no one’s business. It takes a few attempts and a lot of struggle to get one on the left. When we were doing a 5 rep max squat the other day, it was VERY obvious that I was trying to do it ALL on the right leg. There was some weird butt/hip sticking out going on. Sad face. I did get a body weight squat, finally, so I am make some progress (even though it’s small and slow).

Anyway, enough with the rambly posts. I hope you have a fantastic Friday. I’ll be back on Monday, and I’ll try to take pictures over the weekend.

Do you like A Christmas Story? What’s your fave Christmas movie? Also, do you think Die Hard counts as a Christmas movie? I’m kinda doubtful…

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