Happy New Year!

Hooray, we made it to 2014. I’ve heard it from a lot of people that 2013 was just unlucky. I definitely didn’t have the best year ever, but I somehow made it through. I think tough years like 2013 do a lot to help us learn about others and ourselves. I definitely had my fair share of lessons in 2013. Lessons in patience and trust, and lessons that I’m a lot more resilient than I think I am. We all are.

I had to be patient with my body to heal itself (but what a fascinating creature I am that my body repairs itself over time — even broken bones). I had to trust people I’d never met — doctors, nurses, physical therapists —  that I was on the right track. I learned lessons in being positive when it felt like my life was over (drama queen to the max). I’ve been humbled plenty of times, and I know I will continue to be humbled. That’s life. It’s part of growing up, and I feel like I’ve almost reached the grown-up point in life.

I’m going to be 26 this year! Sean and I will celebrate our 6-year anniversary in a few days. We’re practically old people!

I still haven’t just plopped down and thought out my resolutions, but I know I want to do some things like these:

1. Read 1 book a month: I fell off this wagon halfway through the year last year. I want to keep up with it this year. One book a month is really barely any.

2. Run another marathon: I had grand plans of doing this last year in October, but… ya know.

3. Replenish my emergency fund … again: I’m very grateful that I’d saved enough in my emergency fund to cover the cost of things like ambulance rides, MRIs, and the like. I want to work to replenish that this year, but hopefully not need it. 😉

4. Master the double under: This will involve working with my broken-leg ankle in PT-like movements every week and getting back on the icing train. So cold! My ankle/fear of pain in my ankle are what I think is holding me back in this area.

5. Save enough for new living room furniture: Ok, this is more of a one-day want than any real resolution. Sean and I have one sad couch in our living room that fits 2 whole people. We’re really ready for guests, if you can’t tell. (That’s sarcasm). I’m pretty sure we could fit more seating in here, even though our living room is really weird shaped and kind of small. We’ll see.

The best way to say you want to be alone is to only have enough seating for yourself…

What are you looking forward to most in the new year? What resolutions are you making to keep yourself accountable in 2014? And do you usually stick with your resolutions? Or fizzle out after a few months?

One thought on “Happy New Year!

  1. Happy New Year, Lyn! You’re on the right track! It’s not the size of the space and the available furniture, rather the size of the heart that says ” So glad you came, let’s paarty!! Be blessed!

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