A Year’s Worth of Meals

Nooo. I have to go back to work today. I know, I know. I should be grateful that I got almost 2 weeks off to spend with family, relax, and enjoy the holiday. I usually get bored by the end of a vacation, too, and just need something to do. However, I think the spreading out of the 4 Christmases really made me slow down and get used to the time off.

so lazy

I spent a lot of time organizing the house, cleaning things up, being lazy with Sean and the cats, really breaking in my fleece pajama pants my mom got me, working on my nap technique, etc. I guess I should get it together and be fine for work tomorrow.

can't move

Sean and I didn’t stay up late and do anything crazy to celebrate the New Year. We’re so used to going to bed early and waking up early, that staying up till midnight may not have been a good choice. I can’t see me being able to recover from that in just 1 day. Instead, we watched The Iron Giant, one of my favorite movies that Sean got me for Christmas. It’s such a great movie!


As for the first day of January, we were both pretty lazy. We didn’t even actually leave the house. Sean still has a mini-plague, so he wasn’t really feeling a run. I think it would have helped clear out his head cold and sinuses, but he thinks it would have made it worse. I guess we’ll never know. We did have a big breakfast, and I made chicken, broccoli, and brown rice casserole for dinner. So it was a somewhat healthy start to 2014.

I also bought this awesome meal planning Groupon last night that I’m really excited to start using. It’s from emealz, and it’s a year’s worth of shopping lists, recipes, and meal planning to help keep you on track. They have ALL kids of options from classic meals, paleo, clean eating, low calorie, vegetarian(!), low fat, low carb, slow cooker, portion control, simple gourmet, Mediterranean, natural & organic, and gluten free. It’s really a Groupon for lazy people, but I really hope it’ll help Sean and I come up with tasty, different meal plans that are healthy and not the same things over and over.


I just want you to know that I have never actually made a meatloaf.

I’ll make sure to try it out for a few weeks and let you know how it goes!

Do you plan your meals ahead of time or just go with the flow? We usually do a mix of planning/seeing what’s in store and going with it.


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