Does. Not. Compute.

When we moved into our new house in April, I started getting the Pottery Barn catalog. I didn’t sign up for it, so either someone else put my name on a list or they just know when you move somewhere new that maybe you need furniture. Maybe they think that since you bought a house, you can suddenly afford their wares. But the opposite is actually true. Once you buy a house, you can afford their overpriced stuff even less.

Thanks, Obama…

I’ve never shopped at Pottery Barn in my entire life, but I suppose the concept is high quality, distinguished goods for the home. Sure, they have fancy style and brand awareness, but I’ve got to know, is a $250 “sale” desk lamp really worth that? Maybe I’ve been with Scroogemeister Sean for way too long, but I can’t imagine spending that much on a single purpose item that doesn’t provide me with lifetimes of joy. Or, at least I can’t imagine spending $250 on a desk lamp.

I don’t know. Maybe I’m just out of touch with stylish, quality home goods.

Anyway, the meal plan program that I bought from Groupon finally came in. I mean, I got an email with this week’s grocery list and recipe guide. So far everything looks really tasty, but the grocery lists are long for just two people. I’m hoping we can use a lot of the pantry items in upcoming recipes, and eat leftovers for lunches (extended value on something I probably shouldn’t have purchased in the first place!). The dinner recipes also include a side item, so we should be pretty good to go for … well, hopefully a year.

In other other news, I had heard that the Pantone Color for 2014 was this weird purple color they named “Radiant Orchid,” but I saw it while purusing the web at work yesterday. I’ve got to say, it’s a really ugly Barbie Purple. What a horrible color to choose to represent a year. Also, I’ve got a beef with the name. Orchids can’t really radiate anything. You can’t just pick a random adjective and put it in front of a color-noun and call it a day. My friend Sarah and I were joking about it at work with our own color of the year names: “Wandering Elm” or “Enchanted Oak Leaf.”

Sometimes good copywriting just makes me WISH I had written something or been in the room when someone thought of it, and other times I just shake my head or cringe in marketing embarrassment. Sheesh.

I know I only had a 2-day work week, but I feel like I’ve never been more ready for a weekend. Maybe I did have too much rest and relaxation over the Christmas break, because I felt like I was being deprived of 50 years’ worth of sleep all in one day. No amount of coffee could save me yesterday. I’m hoping I can feel a little more *alert* today. We’ll see what the work gods have in store. At least I get to leave an hour early. Maybe that means I should get in bed an hour early — Friday night of champions.

Did you have to head back to work this week? Did you even get a Christmas break and think my complaining is stupid and annoying? What adjective-noun color names can you come up with?

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