Old Voldy’s POV

Yesterday at work was striz-essful. I was going to zen myself out at my gym’s new yoga class, except it was canceled! The one day I finagle a way to go, the instructor was in a car accident. I feel bad for her. I’ve never met her but that is the opposite of zen.

Anyway, to help relieve the stress/make me feel better about life, Sean stopped by the store and got me my favorite ice cream. I didn’t know it was my favorite until he introduced me to it. Apparently, Graeter’s only exists in notherner states than ours, but he found little pints of it in the Kroger frozen aisle one day, and it’s been no turning back. Their Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough is magical.

I read that they make the ice cream in 2-gallon batches with a French pot process. I don’t really even know what that last part means, but I like the way it sounds (the mark of excellent marketing & copywriting).

I’ve made it through 2 of the 3 books in the Divergent series by Veronica Roth. I’m currently on the 3rd book, Allegiant, and I know some people were disappointed with the final book. I haven’t finished it, and it’s definitely not as action-packed as the other two have been (at least not as far in as I am). However, the part that really annoys me is that the author changed the narrator POV in the last book of a trilogy.

Suddenly, we get another character’s perspective.

You just can’t change a book series like that. It’d be like suddenly reading the last book of the Harry Potter series from Lord Voldermort’s point of view. Every time I get to a new chapter where the voice changes, I groan or scoff audibly. You can’t just dooooooo that.

Other than that, the story’s progressing fine. This one’s taking me a little longer to read, but I think I’ll finish it before next week begins. And then I’ll need a new book to read. So far my reading goal for this year is off to a grood start.

At least it’s Thursday. Which is so close to Friday. Sew clewse.


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