Weekend Goodness

I miss the weekend already. Sean and I managed a nice balance of fun and naps. But, as usual, any weekend can do with more sleeping. Friday night we met up with my friend Kristin who wakes up before the dawns to CrossFit with me. A few of her friends came along, and I’ve got to say, Sean and I are terrible bowlers.

Saturday we went to get groceries and then met my mom for lunch at Olive Garden. I got this fish and shrimp dish, and I know Olive Garden isn’t the most awesome place for fresh seafood, but it was magically delish. Also, I feel like restaurants are the only people who really understand the perfect broccoli-cooking technique: steamed so it’s just barely soft, but still pretty crunchy. Why can’t I master that?!

Sunday was pretty lazy. We speed-hiked Kennesaw Mountain. I honestly don’t know where I got the penchant to hike as quickly as I do. I think you’re supposed to look around and enjoy nature, but I always end up treating it like a race. As we go, I slowly try to pick off the people in front of us. My goal is to get to the top before the people who started before us. And I like an open trail, so I have to get in front of anyone who’s in front of us.

Needless to say, it was a good, sweaty hike.

Since we’re going to start training for the Big Cottonwood Marathon soon, I think we’ll go to Kennesaw Mountain more often to work on our “downhill running” and build some wicked quads and hopefully strengthen our knees in preparation. We’ll see. I’ve seen people run up the paved bus route that goes around the mountain, but I always thought to myself, “I’d never do that.” And now I’m planning on doing it.

Sunday afternoon was also a local Greyhound meet and greet. Sean graciously drove me all the way to Alpharetta, where we met some adopted greys and had a chance to ask their owners ALL THE QUESTIONS IN THE LAND. It was glorious. The dogs were so well-behaved, and even had on little quilted doggy blanket/sweaters. I’m in dog love.

When we got home, Sean turned on the Broncos-Patriots game while I made dinner and these magical strawberry muffins. Sweet heaven above, why didn’t I try strawberry muffins sooner?

Strawberry Muffin

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