Cumberbatch Alien

I know I’m crossing a line here, but I’m just going to go ahead and say it–Benedict Cumberbatch (along with having a weird last name) is not that attractive. He looks like a weird alien. I’m sure he’s super nice in real life, and he has a great voice (he was Smaug!).

But is face is not shaped and arranged like a normal human’s face, and I cannot understand why woman across the world are drooling and squeeing about it. I don’t know if it’s his actual face or the result of Botox. It looks like someone took the outer corners of his eyebrows and stretched his whole upper face outward toward his hairline. That, coupled with his very alien-like cheekbones and washed out eyes make him creepy. His pointy upper lip is icing on the alien cake.

He’s not from Earth, and we’re all being fooled by the dreamy writing that he acts out and his Smaug voice!

In other news, I am so glad it’s Friday. This week has been extra tiring for some reason. Maybe because I’ve been really preoccupied with Cumberbatch’s weird alien face and made up last name. How can no one be suspicious of that? It’s just the kind of name an alien would THINK humans would accept.

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