Pure Pandemonium

In case you weren’t aware, Atlanta and surrounding cities are still in total pandemonium. What was supposed to be a light dusting of snow turn into almost 4 inches and ice, which caught everyone off guard. As a result, everyone in Atlanta got on the roads at the same time, and gridlocked the city… for over 10 hours. People are still stranded in their cars on major highways. Teachers and students are stranded at schools. School buses with kids were stuck and evacuated. Drivers abandoned their cars to find warm shelters and to avoid their cars running out of gas. Car wrecks and car wrecks and car wrecks galore.

8am traffic

Atlanta Traffic

City Closed

It will be almost 24 hours since it started snowing, and people will still be stuck in their cars… It’s horrible, and dangerous.

My work was nice and smart enough to let everyone out at 11am. Sean and I both didn’t really think anything would happen, and Sean’s work wasn’t released either. I wasn’t even a mile from my work when I saw the first wreck–an older man rear-ended a lady. On my way home, I watched huge trucks spin out, up and over curbs because they thought they could just drive like normal. I saw trucks flipped over in the median, and slammed into utility poles and more. I called Sean multiple times on my way home telling him to just leave, that traffic was already bad.

He left before his work canceled at around noon, and it took him almost 3 hours to make it home. The last 45 of that was him walking because people were sliding down a giant hill before our house.

I’m so so so so so grateful we made it home safely before the pandemonium struck. Be safe and help people out today. Hug your friends’ and loved ones’ necks. And stay warm!


One thought on “Pure Pandemonium

  1. Have a niece living in the area posting pics of all the action. Icy roads are wounders and killers… Glad you’re safe at home with husband and away from the mayhem!

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