Super Weekend Not So Super Bowl

Hello! Happy Monday! I hope you had a great weekend. We started ours with grocery shopping on Friday night. There was nothing in the stores in Atlanta on Friday. The cashier at Trader Joe’s said there was a run on the grocery stores on Friday morning after everyone spent Tuesday-Thursday at home because of the snow/ice storm. There weren’t even bananas, and Publix was out of bacon! A true travesty.

Saturday was also oodles of fun as we made the trip to the vet to pick up $165 worth of cat food. Welcome to my life. We spent the rest of Saturday cleaning and running around prepping for Super Bowl Madness. We weren’t hosting a party or anything, but Sean really wanted to eat a lot of football food. So we made sure to get all the hoopla for sloppy Joes, pigs in a blanket, potato skins, and broccoli (that last one was my addition, if you couldn’t tell).

We got up bright on early on Sunday to go get our taxes done. Huzzah, said no one. My tax lady was actually really nice. Her name was Adriana and she is bilingual, which I felt made me a lot cooler since Sean’s tax lady just sounded like Roz from Monster’s Inc. That is not a joke… She could have been the voice actor for Disney.

Anyway, Adriana would really like it if I’d hurry up and get married.

  • “Are you married?”
  • “No.”
  • “You mean, ‘Not yet?'”
  • “Um, yeah, not yet.”

Then at the end, there’s a survey about what you plan to do in 2014, including “Do you plan on getting married? Having kids?” etc. She marked yes on those without even asking me. I hope by “kids” she means “dogs.”

H&R Block

After that, we went for a short Sunday Runday, and then made allllll the bad food. Om nom nom. We stayed up late to watch the game. but, alas, it wasn’t much of a game. So we called it quits at halftime to not waste a “stay up late” night.

Pigs in a blanket

Sean + Chips

How did you feel about the “Big Game?” I’m sure it depends on the team you were rooting for…

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