Everything is Awesome

Why can’t the weekend last 3 days? I feel like I need another day to get it together before Monday comes. It’s not like I did a whole ton of stuff this weekend to wear myself out, but I wish napping during the weekdays were appropriate.

Friday night was nothing special. I made sausage, egg, and cheese English muffin sandwiches (because we were pretty much out of food) and then we went Friday grocery shopping (because we were pretty much out of food…). I tried staying up late on Friday night, but made it to about 9:15 and crashed. Old lady style! I did manage to get some healthy lunch foods so I won’t be raiding the candy jar at work everyday at 3pm. I should actually probably go make those right about now!

Saturday was Home Depot day. We visited two times to try to find 1. a hot water heater tester to see if we had a burned out/shorted element, and then 2. a screw similar to the one in the front of the hot water heater that Sean dropped and lost. -_- Boys… After Saturday lunch, I took a LONG nap. Nothing feels quite as good as a weekend midday nap. We went for a walk at local trail, which is also near a dog park, so I got to see lots of doggies out jaunting around. Adorable.

We have a bunch of digital downloads of movies that Sean’s parents gave us at Christmas. Last weekend Sean downloaded Pain & Gain with Mark Wahlberg and The Rock, which we finally got to this past Saturday night. It felt kinda long and was a little convoluted at some points, but the overall idea was a true story. That was the most interesting part for me. Plus I love The Rock, who I know would rather go by Dwayne Johnson, but still. He’s SO HUGE. I wish The Rock were my friend. I read up on the movie afterward, and it’s based off a book that compiled all the Miami Herald documents about the real-life crime it’s based on. Now I want to read all the newspaper accounts about the case.

Size comparison. THE ROCK IS HUGE!

Sunday we went to go see the new Lego movie. It was actually really good. There were a lot of jokes for adults, which made it fun. I still have the theme song stuck in my head, “Everything is awesooooome!”

Someone from is work gave Sean a Chili’s gift card, so we made the trek to the nearest Chili’s for lunch afterward. I don’t think I’ve ever been to a Chili’s, but it was fine. I didn’t expect huge things, and I was hungry enough to not really care what kind of “fare” I enjoyed. They were able to substitute my french fries for broccoli, so I was happy.

This gif is quickly climbing onto my list of favorites.

There were some interesting people surrounding us, though. Like a group of nerdy kidults in their early twenties talking about how their parents all met in “scandalous” ways. I overheard one girl say that her dad was actually interested in her mom’s roommate before they got married because the roommate was “blonde and well endowed.” They all erupted in laughter then high fived (?), and one guy had to ask, “Wait, how was she well-endowed?” Really, guys? I don’t think that’s a group conversation for a restaurant full of families (which we were surrounded by). If he’d meant she was rich, he probably would have said she was rich. It didn’t bother me that much at the time, but I could tell the parents with kids were not pleased by the conversation surrounding them.

We stopped at Office Depot on the way back to try to find an office chair for me since I’ve been using a kitchen chair at my desktop in the office upstairs. The least comfortable office chair ever. I found one that I loooooove, but it’s $200, and I don’t want to commit to that right now. Sean says it would be worth the investment because he’s had his comfy office chair forever. Any recommendations on comfy but not super-expensive office chairs? I checked out reviews for the one I like, and they’re all mostly good. I guess $200 just seems like a lot for a single item. Sean’s tight-waddiness has rubbed off on me!

Chair searching was pretty tiring, so I was just going to lie down in bed when I got home… which never just stops at me sitting in bed. I cannot pull myself away from potential sleep. I think I fell asleep for about an hour, and eventually Sean said, “You’re going to regret falling asleep for too long.” I NEVER sleep well on Sunday nights, so I really just wanted to say, better get some sleep while I can. Of course, that’s what I always say when I’m already under the quilt and covered in warm, sleepy cats.

Gag. Too far, Carolyn. Gag.

Then Sunday night, I made mini-chocolate chip mini-cookies. Delish and a half.

I hope your weekend was a nice mix of productive and lazy. I wish we could have another day, but I am a little excited about a few things  going on this week. And, of course, there’s always next Friday to look forward to. Happy Monday!

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