Ice Ice Baby

Ice Puns

It’s icepocalypsing over here today. It rained then sleeted then snowed yesterday, and we didn’t go anywhere (well, Sean made an early trip to Home Depot–but that’s another story) all day, and the snow eventually melted. I was officially Queen Weenie by insisting on working from home, even though the snow ended up melting by the evening. After last week, I didn’t want to even risk it a little. Even though schools were out at the mention of the snow/ice, I didn’t want to risk Doc Holliday the SuperSubaru. That car is my child (that I don’t wash often enough–ew).

Ice Cat

So, about the early morning trip to Home Depot. I was downstairs cleaning up after breakfast and packing my lunch (because I was pretty ready to go in to work until 10 minutes after I was supposed to leave and it started looking like Satan’s dandruff outside). Tesla was running around the house manically as cats are wont to do. At least one cat ends up doing it every morning after second breakfast. Anyway, in his tear-assing around the house, Tesla ricocheted of Sean’s huge-tall speakers downstairs, knocking them over sideways INTO the wall. So yesterday there was a 5 inch gash in the wall, a chunk out of the corner, and a big ol’ chip in the moulding.

The Sean was not pleased to say the least. He watched a bunch of YouTube videos (because he’s an expert at everything, guys), and I think we’re on the route to repair now. Hopefully.

Icy plants

After that, Sean discovered that his garage door had broken. It now doesn’t shut all the way, which is great news considering the ice storm that’s not upon us. The last thing we need is another way for the ice and below freezing temperatures to sneak in. Next year, we need to invest in some weather-proofing. But that was the perfect excuse for Sean to get rid of his very loud, very janky garage door opener. It sounds like an ancient Transformer working really hard to go from old timey Ford to Autobot.

Anyway, I hope everyone weathers the ice storm. All the cats are snuggling in bed already in preparation for possible power outages and mailbox icings.

Frozen Mailbox


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