Take Our Money

This was quite the busy weekend. We managed to get groceries on Thursday night — sort of. Since we has ice and snow storm number two, grocery stores were completely cleaned out. We managed to get a few staples. Friday was a pretty laid back night. I think we went to bed early (as usual), and didn’t really do anything memorable for Valentine’s Day, which is just how I like it.

Saturday was jam-packed. We started out the day at our HOA meeting. The new board DOUBLED the HOA fees for 2014. The last meeting was held in downtown Woodstock on a Wednesday night at 6pm — which meant no one was really able to get off from work and join the meeting in time. Note: Downtown Woodstock is not anywhere near our house, and in 5pm traffic would have been a 30-45 minute drive. I get off at 5, so the trip to get Sean and head there would have made us late for sure.

Anyway, this time we met at a little church that was less than 2 minutes away from the neighborhood. There had to be at least 30 people there (out of a potential 99). And people were mad! The lady who we paid to be our association management was pretty nasty. The urge to say something to her about her attitude was strong. Sean kept telling me to calm down, but she deserved a strong talking to.

The meeting didn’t really have a conclusion except that the association was going to look into renegotiating contracts and reconfiguring the budget. I have ideas regarding what could fix it, but I’m sure no one cares.

Right after the HOA meeting, we headed to an MBA program information session. Except, I accidentally signed up for the Executive MBA info session with participants who are an average age of 39 and have average of 16 years experience. In fact, the program leader was even nice enough to ask my age in front of everyone there right after she said, “This program is not for 21-year-olds, straight out of college, who have no business experience… No offense, Carolyn.” Gee, thanks. I will not be giving you my money even though I am, in fact, none of those things, technically.

We stopped at Panera for lunch, and I got the turkey and cheese panini. I’d never had it before, but it has some weird spread that I did not know existed. I managed to eat half by scraping the nasty speckledy spread off with a spoon. Gag. After a sad Panera lunch, we headed out to do one of the most draining tasks of all: shopping for new furniture.

We went to a TON of stores and ended the day feeling drained and disagreeing completely on the type of furniture we each liked. Sean was all about comfort while I was more about style and comfort. But, after some convincing, and a night to sleep on it, we finally picked a sofa and loveseat (Sean’s choice — comfort won). Watch out, party people! There’ll room for more than two people to sit down in our living room now.

Happy Monday! What did you do this fantastical weekend? Any romantic Valentine’s Day plans?

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