My 21-Day Sugar Detox

Sorry for being MIA last week. I started a bunch of different posts, but nothing really felt like it was worth publishing. So, what’s new? I’m on a 21-day Sugar Detox.

I normally don’t do these kind of diet things. After being a vegetarian for 3 years, I didn’t want to start being the person who “can’t have that” when I go out to eat or always has to say “thanks, but no thanks” again. Plus, explaining a special diet to people is ALWAYS a hassle, and the inevitable judgements and opinions are always something I can do without.

Vegan Protein

However, when my friends from the gym started a 21-Day Sugar detox, I knew I needed to be on board. I have a serious sugar addiction. I’ve mentioned it before, but the amount of sugar I eat in a day is beyond ridiculous. I’d have something sweet with every meal and snack. While I don’t ever really remember having the “sugar crash” or the symptoms that are often described as coming with eating too much sugar, I KNOW I was eating more than a recommended or healthy daily amount. By a lot.

So I joined the group and started the 21-Day Sugar Detox last Monday. I’m only doing level 1 of the detox with athlete modifications, which still allows most meats and veggies (except for starchy ones like peas and potatoes), a half a cup of sweet potato a day, and milk. The milk is really what’s saved me at this point. Whenever I find myself craving something like ice cream or a cookie, milk has the substance and “sweet” taste to keep me in line.

Jar O Milk

The first day was definitely the hardest. I tried to pack myself my normal amount of food minus the foods that were on the “No” list. The result was that I didn’t have anywhere close to enough food to function on. The result was a hangry Carolyn who reminded everyone who came by her cube that she was starving and just needed a cookie or some ice cream or a flipping M&M.Now I’ve been making sure to pack myself MORE than enough food to keep full and ward off the hangry. I still get the pangs for something sweet. I find myself wanting it most after dinner and in the afternoon around 3pm or so. I’ve been warding off the 3pm madness with jars of milk. In fact, I’ve gone through over 2 gallons by myself in about a week’s time. That’s a lot of dairy.I’m not doing this to lose weight or lose all my body fat, which is good because I’m holding on steady like a boss. But really, to get myself out of the mentality that I NEED as much sugar as I was taking in. My gym friend, Kristin, said that it takes 21 days to make something a habit. So I’m hoping that the lessons I’m learning  (really to “deal with it” when I think I absolutely need something sugary) will stay with me beyond the 21 days. I’m also learning that I have pretty good willpower. A whole week in, I have yet to cheat. Even a little. Even with a tiny bite of something. I’m pretty proud of myself for that, and I’m hoping it’ll stay with me beyond the challenge. I always knew I had good willpower, but I never really cared before. I just ate and did what I wanted.
I’ll make sure to report back with how things are going, and, of course, if my willpower implodes and I eat an entire pint of ice cream on my own.


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