My First Real Garden

I’ve always wanted to have a veggie and fruit garden, but I’ve never really had the space to do it. I grew herbs like rosemary and basil in college and created a little herb garden in our apartment, too. But now that we have a little baby yard, I really wanted to plant some veggies that we could just go out and pick right before dinner.

I did some research online and found a raised bed garden pattern that I thought I could manage for my first time. I invited my mom over since she is the greenest thumb I know, and we made the trek to Home Depot to get all the supplies. Home Depot was running low on cedar, so I cut my plan in half (which also saved us some money).

So, we got this stuff:

  • One box of 3 1/2 inch wood screws (make sure they’re good for outdoor use)
  • One 8-foot long cedar 4 x 4
  • Four 8-foot long cedar 2 x 6
  • One roll of 1/4 wire mesh (we got a 3 x 5 and trimmed it with wire cutters)
  • Eight bags of organic vegetable gardening soil (each was 2 cubic feet)

We asked the Home Depot associate to cut the 2 x 6s in half (4 feet) and cut the 4 x 4s in 16-inch increments.

When we got home, assembly began. Instead of putting the 4 x 4 posts into the ground, I wanted them to stick up like little fence posts. Also, if we decide to move our garden next year, we wouldn’t have dug it into the ground. So Sean attached the 2 x 6 boards to the 4 x 4 posts, stacking the long boards on top of each other to make a little square.

Raised Bed Garden

We carried it out to the back yard, and Sean and my mom held the wire mesh while I trimmed it around the posts. After that, we pushed the mesh to the bottom and just folded over the excess. After that, we just dumped the soil in and evened it out. Now my garden is ready for planting.

I got onion, green bean, carrot, and lettuce seeds, and I’m hoping to plant some tomatoes in pots. I also saw these little strawberry pots at Home Depot, too. So I might splurge on those!

21-Day Sugar Detox Update

So far, so good. Still haven’t cheated in a whole week and a half. I probably could have eaten some king cake for Mardi Gras, but I’m holding on strong and sticking to the detox. My main goal is to stop being such a sugar addict, to stop craving it every time I eat, and learn to be ok with passing on sugary foods when I don’t really need them.

It’s a scarcity thing. The less I eat and the more I learn to not just eat it every chance I get, the more I’ll appreciate the times I do it. Savor the flavor, I suppose. We’ll see.

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